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I tried needling and dermarolling, now moving on to TCA cross

I started needling and using a dermaroller last July / August. I'm pretty aggressive with it so I do it once every 3 months. So far I have done 4 sessions. I usually dermaroll first and then I needled the individual scars, but on the last session, I needled first and then used a dermaroller, which I’m sure is more effective. I think so far, I have has 10 - 20% improvement (although im sure I would have had more if I started needling first). Since the beginning, I have used Vit C serum and take high dosage vit c tablets but I have recently added Yellow and Red LED lights as well as the professional Terproline in to my regime. I'm also considering HA supplements but I should do more research in to this, I would be grateful for any thoughts?

I'm pretty confident that I will get results with this, but my progress seems to be really slow so, after lots of research, I have decided to go ahead with TCA cross on the more prominent scars (and continue needling the less obvious ones). I have recently been made redundant so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do it before continuing with my job search.

I know a lot of people on this forum have used TCA from better complexions, but I read somewhere here that Julie didn’t respond to an email about whether the TCA was unbuffered. I had a look on mytcapeel.com but the site is under construction. Ezpeel only does 50% unbuffered (although I would much rather use 50% unbuffered instead of 100% buffered). I also read here that its better to buy TCA crystals and then mix it yourself (I think it was a post from Smoothie a while back), has anyone else here had experience of doing this?

I have found a site that states that their TCA is unbuffered and that it has been certified by the American Chemical Society. Does anyone know if there is a way that I can check the validity of this statement before buying?

I would be very grateful for any thoughts on this. Thank you.

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