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Misleading Claim on the Myths Page

Not sure if this should go here, but I noticed something on the acne myths page which is misleading and false:

"# Myth:

Diet and acne are related


The bottom line is we need more research. We do know that people in some indigenous societies do not experience acne whatsoever across the entire population. This is in stark contrast to the widespread presence of acne throughout all modern society. It leaves us to ponder the question of whether the indigenous people's diet contributes to their acne-free skin. Discovering a dietary way of preventing acne may be a future reality, however, we may live so differently from our hunter/gatherer ancestors that it has become close to impossible to replicate our ancestral diet. But, let's see if we can work together to come to some concensus from our own experiences. If you feel that you have cleared your acne using a particular diet, or if you are planning on attempting a diet of some kind, please post your method on the Nutrition & Holistic health message board."

It is actually difficult, but possible, to replicate such a diet. The way to do it is to first read a book: "The Paleo Diet" by Loren Cordain. It details the diet of neolithic people. You then have to go out and find fresh, raw foods not grown or affected by industrial chemicals, and proceed to eat those foods according to instructions inside the book.

I don't recommend the diet to anyone (it is somewhat unforgiving in terms of comfort food and is very time-consuming), but it's important not to discourage people who would at least want to attempt the "indigenous diet" which is discussed in the above myth and to provide them as much information as possible, even if it seems like "free advertising."

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