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Strange scabbing!

It's is hard to describe. I popped a 2 zits that were next to eachother that then scabbed. The scab came off a bit early and it has left 2 tiny looking holes but with scabbing inside?

I have tried to squeeze them hoping blackheads would come out but they just seem to reform a scab over top. They have been there for atleast 3 weeks now probably even 4.

They don't look like going away any time soon.

What should I do?

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I figured out what it was. There were whiteheads deep in my skin. It took about 30 mins to get them out and I have damaged a large area of surrounding skin which has turned into a scab bigger then the size of most coins. It should heal up perfectly including the pores but looks terrible just now.

Strange how the scabbing was never healing while the whitehead was in the pore?

I certainly hope it doesn't happen again as well, it is a nightmare having large scabs on your face.

I have cancelled meeting up with a girl I was very keen to meet up with tommorrow night which has now got me feeling down.

Can anyone suggest a better way to rid of the whiteheads next time? They were insanely hard to get out of the pore which was trying to heal but just couldn't.

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