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Fasting, Hydrotherapy, Cleanse, Detox and Diet


I have suffered from cystic acne for many years, however, I cured it in 1 week. 3 months have past and I still have no acne, my blemishes are almost invisible.

Heres how you can do it: fasting, hydrotherapy, cleanse, detox and diet.

Before the fast, I was on my healthy diet: vegetables, salmon, rice and low-acidic fruits. No dairy, gluten nor high glycemic/sugary/fatty foods.

I did a 6-day water fast; 5 litres of water per day and no solid food - not even fruit juice. I would drink water every 10 minutes throughout the day. 6 days in probably too much for some people, but I'm used to fasting because I've done it heaps before.

On the second day, I did a colonic hydrotherapy - wich I continued once per week for 5 more weeks.

I bought myself a cleansing and detox kit. I started cleansing on the third day.

On the sixth day, I was back on my healthy diet. I started my detox wich continued for a month.

During all that time, I did not even use any facial applications or took extra supplements/medications. I now have absolutely no acne, not even blackheads or trapped oils in pores.

On the other hand, the cleanse/detox kit and hydrotherapy sessions were very expensive - but it was worth the money. I feel fresh!

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Congrats on your success! Before I started fasting I relied on supplements, vitapills, etc. But ever since I started my fasts I began implementing a new diet (I got it down to a science specifically for my body), and yoga, which has drastically changed my health and skin. NO MORE pills, supplements, and other processed/extracted/concentrated crap. Life wasn't made to be dependent on bottles and pills, so this was very encouraging. Thanks for the post

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