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Question about accutane relapse

Ok so I have seen a few posts here on this site since i started getting bad acne. Well I thought I should say a brief history ive had and ask my question hoping some people can fill me in.

Im 18 and i started getting bad acne when i was 17. Ive done a few experiments and have found out i get really bad acne when i eat basically anything that usually falls into the "junk food" category. I used to get very very very almost non existent acne when i was 13 and up, but all of a sudden with not much of a change in my diet i got really bad acne like red bumps and white heads. So i basically did a few things my derm prescribed and nothing really even dented the problem. I then went on a crazy organic diet that halted like 60% of the acne but it was some still coming through and all my previous pimple left hyperpigment things. So im now into my first month of ammnestine and its stoping along with bringing up and getting rid of pimples quickly. I still have the marks but there sort of fading. ANYWAYS, i was planning to do this treatment and then be ready to go off to college and all but im now finding that many people have relapses and have had to go on like 4 treatments of it and some dont ever get rid of it. I dont want my prime years to be remembered of not doing much because i dont care alot about apperence but i do really hate acne.


1. How many have had relapses and how bad was it?

2. Whats the best way to most likely send off acne and not have it return?

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I think the best way to ward off a relapse is to have a word with your derm once your course finishes about being put on a maintanence regime of some sort, possibly retin-a.

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