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"Do Nothing"...for now

I just ordered the Acne.org set, after canceling my subscription to Proactiv (it doesn't work.) I remember a while back my skin got better after I stopped Proactiv, and then about 2 weeks ago my mom said my skin looked much better after I forgot to wash it the night before. So at least until my Acne.org stuff arrives, I'm only going to put this cream on my face that removes oils, because my skin tends to be oily.

I'll update on how I'm doing after the Acne.org stuff gets here, and if I do need to go on it or not. Its been a long time since I've left my face alone...

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Well I haven't washed my face with any products since I posted this yesterday. I got some complements on my skin today, my girlfriend was impressed on how much better it looked compared to the day prior. Now I could break out horrendously tomorrow so I'm not expecting to find out I have good skin that I don't have to wash religiously, but hopeful is a good word. I'll update tomorrow.

After day one, signs of improvement. :whistle:

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Awesome! I'm excited to see how this works for you. However, you'll probably see better results if you stop using everything altogether; that means dropping the cream. The whole point of doing nothing is to rebuild the acid mantle of your skin that is made of oil and dead skin cells. This protects your skin from harm and acne, and does NOT clog pores. Also, your skin shouldn't look oily if you're doing nothing, because your skin will absorb it's own oil as it's supposed to.

I'm on day five myself :)

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Well my Acne.org kit came in today, but of course I'm not going to mess with my skin at the moment.

My face was yet again noticeably clearer today, but my skin was really dry. Which is a good thing I guess cause all my pimples seemed to have dried out. But I'm not sure what do do with this.

Should I just leave my skin be as it is, or use the Moisturizer on it to keep it less dry.


I don't own any shaving cream so I thought I could use the Cleanser for that, but once again I don't want to mess with my face while its improving.

Thoughts and comments please?

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