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Perhaps Overwashing? Anoyone to try washing only once a day?

HI there,

im16 Male, i eat really healthily (no junk, lots of wholemeal, no sugar etc.), i play sport almost everyday, but I find my biggest problem at the moment is not so much my inflamed acne (i currently have 2 actual large spots) but just the general texture of my skin. I have loads of small red spots, and an equal number of just flesh coloured bumbs. Generally my skin just feels awful. I find as the day goes on, my skin begins to get quite greasy (not overly), but whenever i wash it it just gets soo dry. I apply moisturiser, and use duac quite often (sometimes all over, sometimes just infected areas, sometimes not at all), but even after moisturising, and even without putting any duac on my skin just feels incredibly tight.

(i also take ethromycin orally, but 2bh it has not really helped at all)

Well- to get to the point- i was thinking to when my acen started properly- and it was when i began to try really hard to control it, washing twice a day etc. Before that my skin was actually quite dry etc. So perhaps my problem, which may be shared by others, is that i am simply over-treating my skin?

I mean surely using gel which leaves bleach stains on pillows can't be beneficial?

So what i have decided to do, is i am going to start washing only once a day before i go to bed, and simply splashing with water, then patting dry in the morning.

Wondering if anyone has tried this before? Would like to try this at the same time as me? or has any general advicer really


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get off ethromycin. Don't use any oral medications. For me, I haven't gotten a pimple in a very long time because of my lifestyle. I've said this numerous times (well, that's the reason I've joined this site. I want to help people.)

If you eat healthy foods and play sports almost everyday, that's good. But I do agree, you're taking care of your face way too much. For me, I just use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. That's about it. You can get that at Target, Vons, Wal-Mart, etc.

the reason I said "don't take any oral medications" is because I've had bad experiences with them. I've been prescribed numerous anti-depressants and sleeping pills and they never worked at all. I actually became addicted to the pills because I kept thinking to myself that they'll work but they didn't. So, I've been against pills ever since. A healthy lifestyle is the way to go.

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