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So, so dry and still not clear - help!

Hello folks.

I am a newbie to the regimen and have had quite some trouble with it. I am an almost twenty-year old female who have been struggeling with acne since the age of twelve-thirteen. Since then it has only gotten loads worse..

During the period of almost seven years, I have tried quite a few products to clear up my acne, yet nothing has worked for me. I have used almost anything from cheap drugstore brands to pricy brands, and I finally decided to give Dan's regimen a try.

During the first week to a week and a half, I used a very small amount of BP and my skin did not seem to react badly to it more than just getting a bit drier than usually and a slight tingling and warm sensation when BP was applied. But then it all just seemed to go downhill as I slowly, slowly added more BP. It stung SO bad both before and after I applied moisturizer and the flaking was in overflow, so I took a short break for a couple of days and started again with a smaller amount of BP.

I have since then applied slightly more from week to week, but I have to decrease the application amount every other day to keep my skin from burning, itching and flaking like crazy. Because I am not able to increase the amount og BP, my skin is not getting any better. I have now been on the regimen for a little more than 6 weeks and am not clear at all, and my skin is flaking all over the place and is so dry that even the best moisturizer or the jojoba oil can do anything about it.

Please help me, if you have had the same experience or know some advice that I will be able to try out!

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Are you using any other acne related products besides the BP? If you're not doing this already, I would suggest using the BP only at night and then applying an oil-free moisturizer 15 minutes after the BP dries. Then you can gradually increase to morning and night once your skin gets used to the BP...it varies based on your skin type,etc. Additionally, it sometimes helps to let your face dry after washing, prior to applying BP. If you apply BP to moist skin the drying effects can sometimes be intensified. There's a chance you could be allergic to BP, but it sounds more like you're just experiencing the initial dryness and irritation that comes with starting BP. Other than that, try to be patient and follow the regimen to the best of your ability...hopefully it'll get better!

I've had great success with 2.5% BP over a 10 year period, but it definitely takes patience and experimentation to find out what amount works best for your skin!

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