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How long do I wait to "get used to bp"?

Hi, newbie here. I'm a late-30s female who has been dealing with mild acne for at least 10 years, almost always get the pimples on my chin or around my mouth.

I started using bp (10%, that was all I could find) about 3 weeks ago. I used it for the first 3 days in a row, one very light application once a day, and had no reaction. Then I got a bumpy, itchy rash, so I cut back to every other day.

The rash went away in a few days, and now the area looks normal (except for some dryness and flaking) and feels fine most of the time. But I still get terrible itching/stinging for an hour or two every time I apply the bp.

If this has been going on for 3 weeks, does that mean I'm never going to get used to it? Just wondering how long I should expect to stick it out before I decide it's not for me. My skin's also not noticeably clearer, but again, I wasn't sure how long to expect it to take. Thanks!

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I would very highly recommend reducing to a 2.5% BP. 10% is waaay too high for a beginner user. Dan's is great and so worth it. I know ordering online is a pain, but it comes right to your house!

Also, be sure to apply ample amounts of moisturizer 5-15 minutes after the BP application. I use Cerave and find that it works great most days. Sometimes I'm dryer but haven't had any major issues.

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I agree, definitely use the 2.5% BP...it's proven to be just as effective as the 10% solution, but less drying. Using a light, oil-free moisturizer, such as Dan's moisturizer, is crucial to counteracting the dryness caused by the BP and making it much more bearable. Usually it takes up to 8-12 weeks to start seeing the true effectiveness of most acne related products, and sometimes even longer. Personally, if a product isn't breaking me out, then I give it up to 3 months to see how effective it is. But keep in mind that everyone's skin reacts differently to products based on their skin type, etc. Good luck, I think if you stick to Dan's regimen you'll see some great improvements over the next few months. Keep us posted!

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