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Desonide 0.05% Cream

Hello all. I just started a new regimen to try and help my eczema/dermatitis and I just wanted to log it here to help me out and maybe anyone else who has mild eczema/dermatitis. It's usually pretty mild but sometimes it'll flare up pretty badly. I was given Desonide cream, which is a mild corticosteroid. I am just going to use it for a week straight, twice a day and then stop and maybe use occasionally if I get a really bad flare up in the future but I'll probably just stay away from it after 1 week because of the possible long term side effects. I don't really get acne anymore, if I do it's very mild but I've been having this dryness/flaking problem for months and months now so I'm hoping this cream in conjunction with the warmer/humid weather can clear the tightness/drying feeling. I'm also going to be moisturizing at night only with Cetaphil moisturizing lotion to help with flakes/dryness.

Day 1 - I used the cream twice yesterday. This morning I woke up with quite a lot of loose flakes which will wash off. This may be a good thing, it might be starting to purge the flakes off or something. Not too much change in the dryness/tightness/itchy department though. Hopefully these things will subside over the next 6 days. Going to apply cream again in a bit, will update tomorrow.

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Day 2 (sorry late update):

Seeing some improvement. I also incorporated a mild exfoliation using Alba Pineapple Enzyme Scrub this morning and night, which is very gentle. This has greatly improved the dead skin buildup that I have. Now I feel like the creams/lotions absorb much better without the layers of dead skin.

Exfoliation combined with the Desonide and Cetaphil has made my flakes very mild and my skin tone is pretty good other than some red marks. I don't really have active acne atm, just marks and uneven tone. Tightness/dryness is mild and itching is still kinda there but it should subside. Will update on day 3 tomorrow night, this is a 7 day regimen and keeping this log just helps my motivation to do it.

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Day 3 - used the cream again twice yesterday in conjunction with cetaphil. Flakes are still definitely reduced. The weather got a little colder the past few days so it's less humid, otherwise my flakes would probably be almost completely gone but some still linger around my mouth and on my right cheek. My red marks are actually a tad worse but I think it's from the minor irritation from exfoliation. Skin is much smoother and marks are a little more pronounced but it's nothing big. No new breakouts so far other than a tinnnnny whitehead on my forehead, which is probably from hair product irritation.

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