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Protein Shakes

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for anyone who's had experience with protein shakes...

im planning to try it out because im stick thin and im looking to somehow increase my muscle mass a tad bit. I'm naturally skinny, whatever i eat, i am just skinny.

Anyway, I need to gain a bit (not fat) but i want some muscle and i wonder if protein shakes would do a tad bit in increasing my body mass.

And on an unrelated note, will it do anything for my acne? worse?

Thanks guys

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Protein shakes alone won't increase your muscle mass. You also need to lift weights. Lifting weights will most definitely increase your muscle mass. I drink Protein shakes actually and I never get any pimples.

If you want to gain weight, eat anything high in calories. Don't eat a lot of junk food. Eat anything high in calories as long as it contains a lot of nutrients (for example, here's one good meal, chicken, brocolli, carrots and pasta. DELICIOUS!!). So, focus on calories to gain weight.

It's best to eat foods that are high in protein rather than relying on supplements like Protein shakes. You should eat peauts, chicken, fish, etc. It's more natural.

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I was in the same boat. If your skinny, have acne, and dry lips then I wouldn't read many of the articles out there that talk about health. Many of the techniques even on this forum really do not pertain to guys. The only reason they work is because while you are doing these proposed routines you are loosing weight. Once you reach your bottom weight, you break out and the proposed routines don't work anymore.

You have to trick your body to gain weight and the first thing you want to get rid of is salt and any fiber in your diet. This means almost getting rid of a lot of veges. Doing this will increase your appetite, so be prepared to eat a lot of food. Now this is were the articles on the internet differ, you need to eat about 80g to 100g of fat/day. Preferably no Omega 3, just saturated fats and monounsaturated fats. Eat carbs, about 250g a day. Good sources of carbs are pastas, potatoes, and rice. Only eat about 50g of protein. If you are trying to gain weight protein shakes are not that great, they are more for toning. Protein will actually make you loose weight. Of course if you are hungry EAT! Just make sure you keep the ratio of Fats/Carbs/Protien.

Diet is a big part of building mass, but don't overlook the gym. If you over exercise or under exercise, you will not gain mass. It can be fustrating, but if you stick your mind to it everything will work out. Big pointer --> Lift heavy weights, do small reps, and more sets.

That is a good start. Lifting weights has to be a life style change. Make sure you get 1g of vitamin C a day with a good portion of vitamin D. Something else that helped me was pro-biotics. I could keep on going on, but as I said just stick with it. Remember it doesn't happen overnight, but when I switched over to this daily routine, I gained about 4 lbs/week for a good 3 weeks. After this you should see less weight gain and more strength gain in the gym. You should only see about 1 lb/week gain if you are doing it correctly. Any more or any less and you are doing something wrong.

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oh wow that sounds like me.

Acne, skinny, and dry lips. same boat indeed. and im attractive to insects and im the only one getting bitten and they take forever to heal.

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