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Tetracycline and acid peels

I'm trying to get my doctor to give me Tetracycline, but at the same time im planning on doing a salicylic peel at a clinic, just to kind of attack it from all angles.

Is this a bad idea?

My doctor first prescribed me some erythromycin gel, but that doesn't go with the peel, and for some reason I have more belief in those peels than I have in topical antibiotics.

(this is the first proper go I have at any kind of medicated treatments, after BP didn't work, and my diet approach failed).

Last question: The only side effect im really worried about with the Tetracycline is the sun thing.. I mean, I'm gonna stay in the sun literally all summer. But my skin is naturally tanned (although I am white), and I have never really had a sunburn, although I love the sun!! I never really use a sunscreen, and despite that I've only been a little red on my nose!

Anybody out there who's used this antibiotic and has some experience with the sun-thing to share? :dance:

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Get sunblock, thats what my doc told me, and conserning the sun if you ever happen to sit in the sun for a while without any skinprotections, you might become REALY red in the fase the next two days, happened to me .

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