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First Post please read and help

Im just at a loss on what to do with my acne. I can get occasional pimple on my neck and forehead or side of my face which arent big and dont bother me. But theres this area on the right side and under my mouth. I constantly get small ones there and then bigger red ones that dont usually puss i dont know which kind of pimples those are. Ive never been fully clear but theres times ill go weeks were i feel ok to go out and not worry but then when it acts up its terrible. Its been like this for almost 4 years. Ive been prescribed duac, differin, and some pill i cant remember. Ive tried acne free. i was on proactive, nothing seems to work. Im just at a loss on what to do and why the acne just shows up there. any help would be greatly appreciated

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I've said this numerous times but you have to change your lifestyle. It worked for me. Avoid soda, alcohol, and smoking. Drink only water. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. And finally, excercise.

It definitely worked for me. I haven't gotten a pimple in a very long time. It was hard at first (especially taking out my soda addiction) but I made it.

and clean your face everyday with Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. You can get it at Target, Wal-Mart, Vons, almost anywhere.

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Do you seem to change what you do when you feel very comfortable about your skin, like the last poster said, perhaps drink soda or eat a lot of junk food? Also what type of skin do you have and what are your cleansing methods. Its possible when you are happy with your skin you get carefree and it can take weeks to catch up to you and when you feel down and worried about it you tend to be more strict or follow a skin regime to the Tee for a while. Then once you get clear you may not follow through as well and slip up again causing a big circle. I mean its possible, because your acne may not even be caused by food but by your cleansing methods, lack of something or even by the product you use.

Don't know your methods so I can only give a general guess, also i'm no expert so don't get me wrong either LOL.

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