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The Killer6

Looking at how long I've been a member, I see how much I've changed.

So I first joined this board on the night of my birthday a while a ago. I believe my first post was suicidal. Having severe acne from the age of 12 right on till I hit 16 was taking a serious toll not only on my face but on my personal life.

I was serious, I wanted to kill myself. My acne was so bad that it hurt, all day. It was a burning sensation. I will never forget the sensation of the raw flesh on my face burning as I walked from class to class... I had no friends, I didnt even talk to anyone.

It was then that I came across Accutane. Someone had responded to my suicide post telling me they used to be in the same situation, and that Accutane really worked. I started to look more in to the drugs, going as far as reading an entire Accutane log. I then decided to call the dermatologist. 5 months and a shit load of blood tests later I looked normal again. No longer would I have to wake up in the morning to tend to the blood/pus shed on my face, I could just get dressed, go to school and actually focus on my studies.

I want to thank you guys for that. Especially the woman who had pmed me, and the creator of the blog, I believe it was ACCUTANE LOG w/ HALF THE CALORIES (this man had the greatest attitude towards life, EVER.)

Now, on to the serious stuff. My acne is returning, Im getting some cysts here and there and my Derm is putting me back on the tane. Will this be an endless cycle??

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First, congratulations for not being afriad of Accutane. It works well for the majority of patients. No, you are not locked into an endless Accutane cycle. Sometmes it takes two or three cycles for it be effective...but eventually you should be off of it. (I suppose someone will write and say they have been on it 19 times and they are now 62 years old :-) )

Good luck and best wishes,

Joe Zit

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Guest Chrisâ„¢

Hi Killer6,

I myself had very bad cystic acne when I was 15, and it took me 2 courses of accutane to eliminate the cysts and acne. I'm almost 23 now, and I occasionally get the random cyst every few months, but other than that, the second course of accutane cleared my acne (now I have teribble scars though). I went on my first round of accutane, and it seemed to work for awhile, then I broke out with the cysts again and went on my second round of accutane. After the second one, I have been clear (from acne) for over six years. So yeah, don't think that it will be an everlasting cycle. I wish you nothing but the best of luck in getting your acne under control. Hang in there. :)

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