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I did Profractional 3 days ago

After a lot of thoughts, I decided to give it a try after doing nothing for some time.

Because I am not sure what the results and recovery will be, I only did my temples this time just to be cautious with my hard earned money. The procedure was simple. It hurts but manageable. Many people have covered it before, so i won't go into too much detail.

The temple area is probably the most severe scarring I have. The first day it was quite red like I have just been beated up my someone. My left temple, where the scarring was deepest, still oozed blood, but not too much. After the first day, I could wash my face and much of the dry blood came off, and the area looked much better but still quite red/pink. Today (Monday) is the third day, all dry blood is gone, and the treated area is still pink. I bought some concealer and managed to hide it pretty well and walked confidently to work :dance: Of course if you look closely you can see makeup on it but no one would scutinize my skin that closely. Anyway, because it is a small area, i don't worry about it at all.

Maybe it is still too early to talk about result, cuz the procedure took place about 72 hours ago. I am not sure if the post-surgery swelling is completely gone or not. When I look at the treated skin, it does look much smoother. Some of the deep scars closer to my eyes are still there, but many shallow ones are almost invisible now. I am aware as the swelling diminished, some scars may surface again but I am hopeful they won't be as bad as they looked before. If my skin stays this way, I will be QUITE happy and will do the whole face in a heartbeat. :boohoo:

Anyway, I will be patient this time to see how the result really is. I will have a post-operation appointment with the Doctor in 4 weeks. She is actually a nurse but extremely nice and patient with me. She charged only 100 CAD for both temples, which was cheaper than I had thought. I will wait and see when the pink will be gone completely (I am a guy so too much makeup is not an option for me :ninja: ) and what result I eventually get. If it turns out well, I will book an appointment to do the entire face. She charges 2000 CAD for 3 whole face treatment, which is not bad at all. Right now, i'd say if my face look as smooth as the treated skin now, I'd be esctatic. But again, keeping my expectation low should be wiser.

As much as I feel grateful for all the information I obtained from this board, I think my experience will be helpful to some people who are also considering it. I am in Toronto, Canada by the way.

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had four procedures done and didn't do a damn thing. save your money. once the swelling subsides it'll look the same as it always does. what kind of scarring do you have? mine is mild/moderate, some rolling and a few icepicks. didn't do a single thing and i blew 2000 bucks (it was half price since I allowed my picture to be in their book.) if you have ice picks, i would try tca cross, which has worked for me to some extent. if you have rolling, i would suggest silicon injections (i have not had these done yet but i have heard MANY great things from this procedure. i have an appointment in june with dr. lam, a world renown surgeon popular for his success with rolling scars.) my scars are only visible in harsh light so we'll see. but ya, save your money. not trying to burst your bubble but profractional, from what I hear, rarely gives people any results and when they do they are very minimal. keep in mind that everybody is different so it may very well work for you, who knows. but i dont think profractional and other lasers of the sort have a very good track record. youd be better off with the methods listed above.

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Is Dr. Lam really reputable? I read a message board he owns..? or posts on and it screamed marketing an sleaze to me, because a really good dr. wouldn't do that, IMO.

He DID sound really knowledgeable, but the self promotion makes me really wary.

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i had profractional laser treatment 3 times b4 and i must tell you. i feel like i wasted money.

i had some indented acne scar and was getting sick of it. first time i had, it made my face

blood-soak and super red. fine, i can deal with it as long as i get great result later on.

anyway, right after treatment, i looked at my face. it looked horrible but i was very happy cuz all those indented scars were gone underneath my burnt skin. wow. it was like a miracle and i would have been very happy if it stayed that way. but my hope didn't last long. as my face gets healed,

those silk smooth baby-skin like surfaces returned to normal. by the time when my face got fully

healed, it looked exactly darn same as b4. i almost wanted to cry. ok. so 6 weeks after 1st treatment, i've got my second one done but this time, unlike the first one, i could see my indented scar underneath my bloody face right after the treatment. i felt so miserable.

another 6 weeks after, i complained doctor how this treatment did absolutely nothing for me.

he suggested me he would give me another session of treatment for free and this time he would use much higher power. 2x deeper than b4. darn. it burnt my face so bad, this red bloody mark lasted 2 weeks and red-blown discoloration lasted 6 months b4 it came back to normal color.

and result? didn't do a damn thing. it probably improved my scar 10% at max and i spent like $1600 for this treatment. i am so stupid but at least now i know this isn't miracle treatment.

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