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How long did it take??

I am going to be starting accutane at the end of May (stupid ipledge) and I am wondering how long it took for everyone to see results. I just can't stand this anymore. I don't want to go out on dates or with my friends or anything. It's so embarassing I am over this. I'll deal with the side effects. I just want to have nice skin. I am an adult I don't understand why I have acne. :wall:

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Hey Danica,

I am a 23 year old male, been on accutane for just over 3 months now, on 40mg the first month then 60mg the last 2. In my experience so far, I am still having breakouts but not as bad as what was at the beginning thank god! I am hoping these small breakouts will calm more and more as I near the end of my course. Still a couple of months to go. But as you will find from reading everyones posts and experiences on here, everybody reacts differently. Some people see results after a month and have no breakouts. Some experience breakouts all the way throughout their course. Just remember it can get a lot worse before it gets better! Thats what keeps me going! Also if you need a little pick me up, just come on this site and ask questions, their are a lot of good people on here. I hope this helps you.

Good luck to you!


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you can check my log for pictures, but i saw results in just a few short weeks.

it really depends on your severity and if you break out. all i can say is be patient! give it time. it will work in the end, so don't give up

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