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finished 3rd month on tane and new breakouts

hey everyone,

like the title says, ive just finished my 3rd month on tane and overall the course has gone well in my opinion. I have cleared up well and am just plagued with mainly redmarks. However over the last couple of weeks and a little before that i have slowly but surely get new pimples. They are small for the most part and do not cluster around and stuff, but i guess im confused as to y this is happening and am looking for a little support. I am wondering if it is changes in diet and stuff because my diet is usually pretty static and doesnt vary that much. However i have started eating cinnamon toast crunch cereal in the morning instead of oatmeal and i eat it with soymilk. I have also been eating natural peanut butter instead of walnuts, for a source of fat. I dont know maybe its the sugar and the peanut butter or maybe the breakouts are just coincidence. I dont know i hope it all works out. and oh yea i was on 20 mg the first month and 40 the second and third month and now i am on 50, and my derm said i was gonna do 50 this month then 50 the next month and then 20 for my 6th month to kinda ween off the meds.

I thought i was rounding the corner to no more breakouts at the end of my 2nd month but apparently not. support would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

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