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Cured from diet alone

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Hello I'm 25 y old and I've had acne since I was a teenager. Been following this dietary regimen for 2 months and cured myself. The theory is that if I eat nutrient-dense foods similar to what our acne-free ancestors ate it will improve our condition. I believe acne has a lot to do with lack of magnesium, zinc and other minerals, a deficiency brought on by depleted soils and over-consumption of refined foods. Basically I force myself to buy these things every week on monday:

24 eggs

500 g nuts

600 g shredded coconut

500 g butter

5 dl cream

2 kg turkish yoghurt

600 g mackerel

1 basket of kiwi-fruits (about 13 fruits)

2 kg mixed frozen vegetables

Mineral Salt (used for all cooking)

Other than that I buy about 10 potatoes, red meat, shrimp, fish, only very small amounts of bread and other refined products. I keep vegetable oils down to a minimum, basically what I get from mayonnaise, potato salad, and only olive & canola oil. WHOLE FOODS is what it's all about. The food I eat is delicious and cheap.

I've cut my coffee consumtion in more than half because caffeine increases stress hormones, interfers with our livers ability to detox and so forth.

First results after about 2 weeks. Completely "cured" after 2 months.

I use no acne products at all. I hope this can be useful to someone. Take care.

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That's great to hear! I have been doing my best to eat as well as I can, and it is no doubt going 10 times better than when just covering your face in a bunch of chemicals that are told to cure acne.

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Congratulations. Please add your story to this list:


Also, what kind of mackerel? Large mackerel are very predatory and very high in mercury. I know, my sister and her husband fish in the Gulf of Mexico and often catch big King Mackerel which are about the worst for mercury.

But small ones are a great source of omega 3. And eco-friendly as they multiply fast so there's no danger of overfishing and they supposedly don't live in areas where the fishing endangers dolphins and turtles and such. I buy canned mackerel which I share with my cats.

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Wow thats awesome! congratulations your finally acne free ! :) and your diet doesnt sound terribly restrictive either so thats another plus. wish you the best of luck!

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