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Ok, I'm getting so tired of this now :confused:

Been trying to fight my quite mild acne for some months now, but the results are SO confusing.

Started out with Dans regimen, and just figured that it would kill it for good.

Stayed on it for two months, but it acutally made stuff worse. I'm not trying to talk it down in any way, it just didn't work for my skin type I guess. My face just became terribly dry, even when I threw in a bunch of jojoba in the moisturizer (all Dans products). So I figured I had just overdone it, after all it was just the occational spot anyway, nothing huge (I guess my acne is really mild), so I went over to just cleansing my face and using a moisturizer.

The BP had cleared up my small inflamed and non inflamed spots, and replaced them with comedones (is that what you call them?), they kind of just grew from far beneath the skin and spent like a week or more getting to the surface, and I've still got red marks from those bastards, even the ones I got in january! I figured my skin was just too sensitive for BP or something.. But as I said, this didn't end the problem. I now got myself the Dermalogica oily skin range (without really knowing anything about my skin type) and started washing my face every morning and night with the clay cleanser and applying toner and oil lotion control. Now after about a month on that it seems that my under-the-skin stuff is coming back! (now it looks like I'm blaming it on the dermalogica stuff, I'm not, or I really don't know) and I tried to kill them with loads of AHA day and night. And now the area where they are "growing" is just ridiculously red and flakey (I guess thats AHA doing some peeling) and I feel kinda terrible.

The annoying part about all this is that I'm suspecting it's all because I didn't research what skin type I had before I started the fight.. (which I still have no idea about)

My acne is also about twice as worse on the left side of my face. I just couldnt understand what that could be, other than what way I sleep, so I tried putting loads of aha on my face to see where it stained the pillow - and I was correct. Not quite sure what to do about it tho. If I fall to sleep on my back, I will just turn around during the night (always do), so I started to change my pillow cases every day. Didn't help tho. Im considering sleeping on a roll of metal wires, so that the air can reach my skin, but I dunno if thats gonna do anything either :P

The funny part is that I had some acne last winter as well, and I tried to fight that with a cleanser and whatnot without results. But when I got down to a more southern climate and just lay on the beach and surfed for a month during the summer - it all dissapeared. And I didnt touch a cleanser, sunscreen, moisturizer - nothing. But I've been taking about 4000 I.U of D-vitamin for a month now wihtout results, so I dunno. I've increased it to 6000 I.U some days ago.

Oh, and I might add that I've all this time been on a ridiculosly strict diet, because I believed that it was the cause. And I'm not kidding either, haven't had chocolate or even anything sugary in months. No white grains, no dairy, no sodas, no alcohol, supplements; zinc, c,d,b,e and all the other stuff people do :)

Does anyone identify with this kind of scenario?!

I'm just starting to become a bit desperate now, so I figured whatever, someone might have experienced the same kind of thing, I'll write a post..

Thanks for reading :)

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It sounds like the BP took care of your inflammatory acne; once you were clear of inflammatory lesions on the regimen it would have helped the comedones and red marks to add in an AHA. Dan's moisturizer is nice but I didn't find it very moisturizing (I used it only on legs during the summer). It's nice and light with a decent fragrance but I think a heavier moisturizer might be required for skin that's more sensitive to the drying effects of BP. Jojoba doesn't always completely cut it for some although a gentle massage with a generous plenty of jojoba oil helps with the flakies and dryness. I use emu oil that way; feels divine.

I'd suggest retrying the regimen, getting full clearing of inflammatory lesions, and then try adding in either an AHA or a BHA to help with the stubborn comedones.

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