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I am 18 years old and I just looked at a picture of me taken on a weekend night out...I hadn;t slept for a full day, I had been drinking for about 8 hours previously during the day and I had been smoking like a chimney and Inoticed in te picture....ZERO acne or blemishes..and i mean NOTHING.

and it got me thinking of myself about 2-4 year before now and how much I've over come "the struggle" mentaly but also physically aswell

I had minor acne when I turned around 15, throw on a pile of family problems and relocation location! a heap of low self esteem and confidence came hand in hand with my new skin...yeh well I took it bad..thinking back I had days when I would wash my face 10 times in a row with soup...walking dow the straight and girls avoiding eye contact with me or even still...me avoiding girls interested becuase of this...you know the deal anyway lol

so by the time I had turned 16 - 17 I had picked the hell out of acne around my chin and was left with a few "after marks" which have only just faded recently...they took there toll on me but life goes on...so I taken accutane for about 2 months then got bad side effects so dropped it...now the side effects are gone and everything normal again

the point of this is to all the younger people here going through this,,,,things get better don;t worry about it...it;s your body growing up and you changing from been a child to an adult...it really is part of life and something you can learn from in being more accepting towards...and DO NOT squeeze...this can lead to having marks for month or even a year on end and it solves NOTHING....you can end up scarred severly and that is even worse than acne itself in cases

now I'm 18, clear skinned, toning up and i've meeta unbelievable girl which thingsare hitting off with...I'mhappy at last...you will be too i promise :)

I feel my confidence coming back into my soul everday now

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i know what yer saying, i know of times when i was young and i would do anything i wanted without worrying about bad skin.

my face already looks bad, but if i drink and party nowadays, for a whole day long? i look like total shit, i know persons with normal skin look like shit 2, but my already bad looking skin gets even worse.

ah well, at least i look better than i did about a year ago.. so luckily things do get better eventually, although i still feel sorry for the already 6 years of my life that have been ruined.

i appriciate your post, but you should also realise that better days dont come for everyone, mainly only for the ones with hormonal acne.. but it comes in chronic forms 2

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