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Everyday Minerals issues

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I've lurked here quite a bit, and I know some people use/love EDM. During the last few months, I took the sample route and eventually ended up finding my shade (sup, Sandy Fair people?) and ordering a kit. I am not satisfied, but I want to love it. I really do.

When I was trying my samples, all I had was a pseudo Mac 187 stippling brush. The coverage was medium, but it did the job. I was looking forward to trying the Flat Top Brush, because I thought I'd get full coverage with it. And I was wrong. Although the FTB is amazingly soft, it practically gives me no coverage; it's like it's depositing translucent powder on my skin. Added to that, it sheds to no end. From what I've heard, the latest batches of this brush are worse than before, and it's just not as great as it used to be. Did I get a bad brush, or am I just bad at using it?

Brush issues aside, the two main problems when I put the foundation on my face are lack of coverage and bumpiness. I do use very little product in layers, but the "Intensive" coverage is either non-existent (with the FTB) or medium (stippling brush). Granted, it looks all right from far away. There's a sort of "blurred" effect on my face. But from close, all the imperfections and the redness show through. Plus, my bumpy skin is even more pronounced. Unfortunately my skin's texture is rough and I have very tiny little bumps, mostly on my forehead. The powder and the buffing just accentuate them, and my skin looks rough in artificial light.

I've been trying to find solutions to this, but I'm particularly grumpy tonight and I feel like it's impossible. I'm starting to get convinced that the FTB is just plain useless for me, and I'm about to get another brush. I'll also try a primer, and a fixing spray. Other than that... help? I'm honestly really frustrated with this. :/

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Personally, I have never understood why EM touts the intensive formula as giving the most coverage. I found it minimal at best, and it tended to cake in some places and disappear in others. I use the matte formula and it is SO much better!

As for the bumpiness, a good primer will go a long way toward smoothing things out. A good brush will also help (I am scared of the new flat top because of the problems you mentioned. The old one was awesome but the new one seems to have lost something. The LHK has always worked great for me), and I highly recommend using concealer with a concealer brush. I usually put on a light layer of foundation, put on concealer and let it set for 15 minutes or so, then a good layer of foundation. I don't buff very much - EM doesn't need all the buffing like Bare Minerals does. It took me awhile to get used to it, but now EM is the only makeup I use on my face.

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i use the intensive currently. having also used the semi-matte and original glo, i can tell you from experience that the intensive really is the most difficult to apply. i wasn't happy with it when i first ordered it and re-ordered a few weeks ago getting the same shade in semi-matte and puff jars because they had a buy-one-get-one-free special and i figured why not. feeling bad about wasting my intensive, i decided to try putting the intensive into my puff jar and now i love the intensive. gives me a pretty, airbrushed look. however, whenever i would use any kind of brush to apply the intensive, i would juast look like a mess and it wouldn't blend right.

^if you don't feel like reading that: get another formula or buy a puff jar. it's cheap.

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I have found I get the best coverage, regardless of formula with the baby kabuki brush.

Most people use it to apply their blush but the tiny bristles blend the concealer and foundation into my skin really well, giving it a much more natural look than the flat top brush. I agree the FTB does nothing for me at all.

I have a lot of red marks to cover and I get good natural looking coverage by buffing in the multitasking intensive concealer and then matte foundation.

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