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Face Reality New Client

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After lurking around the board for some time, I have finally decided to try Face Reality Skin Care. I live about an hour away, and figured that is close enough to give it a shot. Heck, how many of us women would drive 2 hours for the perfect pair of shoes...hmmm?

I am 48 and have non-inflamed acne. However, I did have horrible, inflamed acne from the time I was 13 through my 20s. The past fews years I have had bumps under the skin and just minor cysts once in a while. The past year, I've noticed the bumps were increasing in their numbers; enough to just bug the dickens out of me!

Of course my husband doesn't think it looks bad, but I'm not going to trust his opinion. I mean, the man doesn't even see the underpants on the floor, how the heck is he going to see the zits that are driving me insane!!

The Face Reality office was lovely, calming and everyone was so kind. Gabby helped me and spent quality time analyzing and cleaning my skin. I had a peel and some extractions.

What I loved the most was that they don't force their products on you. We agreed that I would use up some of my products that don't break me out. So I will use my current cleanser, serum and SPF then switch to theirs if I so choose. I purchased the Exfol A and Cranberry Cream. We decided at this point to wait and see if I needed the BP. PTL!

I grew up in NJ and had a fabulous derm out there who did extractions, gave peels, etc. He transformed my skin. I have not been able to find one out in the Napa Valley that takes the time to do this. Face Reality gave me the EXACT same service that my NJ Derm offered. They are meticulous in what they do, make sure to answer all your questions, and honestly seem to genuinely care about clients.

I am SOOOO grateful to Willow and all the bloggers who took the time to talk about this place. I am confident that I will soon have great skin.

If any of you are 45 or older and use their products, can you please advise if you included anti-aging? Gabby mentioned that the Exfol A and Forte products will help and that we can address these issues as well down the road.

I do, also, have some calcium deposits on my skin that I would love to get removed. But, I want to get my skin under control first and maybe try to find a doctor that can do this as well.

Have a great day everyone. And thank you for the board Dan!

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Glad to hear that you are trying Face Reality. It sounds like your first appointment went really well! That adult noninflamed acne can be really stubborn, huh? I know its probably one of the toughest types of acne to get clear of.

You should get some antiaging effects from the Exfol-A since it has glycolic acid and vitamin A proprionate. Once you are clear of acne, there are probably other antiaging treatments you can try as well. The peels from Face Reality may also have some antiaging benefits.

Good luck with your treatment and keep us posted on how things are going!

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I will probably enter an update in about 2 weeks. Gabby gave me 3 peels, so I am dry and expect to peel a tad. By Thursday, however, I anticipate starting the Exfol A. I am so excited! The extraction marks are almost gone already, I can't believe it. You know if I did it myself, they would look quite pitiful today. LOL...

Thank you again for your feedback on the office. I never would have found it otherwise.

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