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what is the proper dosage for minocycline?

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I'm getting tired of jumping through hoops at my dermatologist's office so I had my dad (who's a periodontist) write me a prescription for minocycline. The dosage reads that I ought to take 2 pills every 12 hours, each pill at 100 mg, the first day beginning with two pills taken at once. There are a total of 30 pills in the bottle with no refills. My acne isn't terrible, just incredibly persistent, and my skin is very very sensitive. I am about 5'5" and without a scale I'd guess 115 lbs. I was hoping to hear from those of you who have had experience taking this particular antibiotic and could shed some light on the dosage outlined above. I am also wondering about how long I would need to be on the medication. I've read that 9 weeks is the optimal length of time to see a real improvement with acne. Any input or advice would be appreciated.


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The most I've heard of taking minocycline is twice a day (at what strength Im not sure).

If it's not severe you can take Minocycline every other day for maintenance of acne. You dont always have to take it round the clock.

My suggestion based on MY experience is you can take two pills a day to get the stuff in your system.... it takes three months to see a change in your skin. You can at that point back off to one pill a day or one pill every other day.

Then again if your acne is more mild, maybe start with just one pill a day. Again, it takes about three months to start seeing a difference and you must be on it that long for it to start working.

However you must stay on it to keep the acne under control... otherwise it could come back once you stop.

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