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So i'm starting my third month of accutance, honestly I thought I would have terrible side effects after reading what was possible, but I had no breakouts, no extreme dryness, nothing


my lips are always hurting and cracking!!

It gets so embarassing at work after liek 30 minutes they look crusty and white :(

I have tried the following as suggested by my derm or pharmacist:

Vaseline - this works the best length wise, but when it starts to dry you can see white lines and it looks really weird

Vitamin E Oil - this one is so soothing, makes my lips really glossy but it feels so good....for about 20 minutse then its dry and gross again

Prevex Cream - fairly soothing, but leaves a white film and doesnt last that long

Carmex/Blistex -soothing for a few minutes but leaves a film that builds up so quick that when I go to remove it, half my lip comes off too and starts to bleed!!

Burts Bees - leaves a really gross film and doesn't do much

Aquaphor cream - it was the only thing the pharmacy had in stock, it wasnt the Ointment, its the body cream but it kind of works like Vaseline. Not great, but one of the best of the above options

Does anyone have any other tricks or products they use so that there lips do not look so cracked up and actually lasts for a couple of hours?? I don't know how I can do three more months of this!!!

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You're going to have to keep reapplying the vaseline often, repeatedly, on a daily basis until your course is over.

You can even use mineral oil in the shower and immediately apply vaseline after you get out. Keep on applying the vaseline over and over again, all day.

If the cracking and bleeding is accompanied by swelling of the lips you might need to be checked out for an infection (that can happen due to the extremely dry lips).

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Honestly, the only thing that I have found that works is the Aquaphor OINTMENT, not the creme. You can buy it in two packs at any drugstore or discount store like Target. You do not have to ask for it from the Pharmacist as it should be stocked on the shelf. I LOVE this stuff! It is the only thing that has kept my lips soft and does not build up or get "goopy". You still have to apply it often and make sure you put some on before you go to bed at night. I also got the lip mask from Mary Kay which I use about once a week (it also comes with a lip moisturizer that isn't very good) that gets rid of any dead skin. Together these have kept my lips almost as soft as before using Accutance, but you have to use the products religiously or you will know it!

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I second getting the aquaphor ointment. It's not gonna be a miracle cure, but it is the best out there. If you are in the USA, go to CVS and probably Walgreens. A pharmacy will have it.

Aquaphor is a must to survive accutane. Vaseline is just not the same. I would sometimes even use it in the skin around my lips (but very little of course) Get a small tube so you can carry it at work and mabye a large tube to use at home.

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Thanks guys!

I live in Canada so unfortunately I cant find Aquaphor ointment at the stores, but after reading the comments I ordered it online stat!!

I found today that by not using ANYTHING, my lips didnt have the same whtie film (the just looked so bumpy and dry but better than the embarassing white crud)

i hope the ointment will help, i havent had any breakouts or dry skin so i should feel lucky, its just the lips hurt so bad :(

hopefully the next 3 months go by quick! thanks again yall

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Ooh, yep Aquaphor is my favorite.

You might also try something as simple as drinking extra water. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but to me it always seemed like being extra hydrated made my lips more manageable.

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