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Skin peel?

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Ive been taking Roaccutane for almost 4 months now and my skin is almost clear, at last!!!!! I am wondering will a skin peel (after takng accutane) help reduce red marks and scaring, currently my scaring isnt too bad but I do have a lot of red marks that just look like spots anyway grrr. Any thourghts?

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Guest missyjean130

Well I'm sure you know to wait a few months before doing any peels...as you don't want your skin to turn into a bloody scabby mess lol.

there's several options when it comes to peels...lactic,glycolic,tca,salicylic...etc etc. Your skin specialist will determine which one is right for you too if you don't know.

Peels are effective but you do need to still play the waiting game for your red marks to fade.

I have really pale skin so I have red marks from years ago that are just starting to fade. So whatever method you choose to get rid of them, you need to remember to stick with it.

You can use a really watered down solution of an apple cider vingar as a toner....you can read hundreds of threads here about acv..since a lot of people use it, and I find that it works very well. I'm going to stick with it until I can safely use peels (since I just got off accutane myself)

Also be sure to wear spf...as I'm sure you've heard many times as well.It keeps your red marks from darkening.

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