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Any long term OCM users?

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I'm considering giving this a try since as I've gotten older (42 now) my skin has become more and more sensitive. I can't use BP or SA since it's too harsh. I also can't seem to find a moisturizer that doesn't block pores and thought maybe I'd give OCM a try since it'd moisturize and clean.

BUT most posts I find on here and Makeupalley are people who have just started or have used it for a few weeks. The only longterm user posts I see are scary, a number of them report having Cysts and Boils! Anyone out there who's used this method long term w/positive outcomes?

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i used to do the oil cleansing method, it was for at least 6 months. i really thought that it was good for my skin, but it never made my skin clear. i used to do the double cleanse method where you would put the oil all over the face and then remove it with a warm wash cloth and i used a gentle cleanser after that and then moisturized with a moisturizer that has oils. i believe OCM-ing gave me more whiteheads than i would normally have though. and then i read something later where an esthetician or someone who deals a lot with skin said that the OCM method can't be good for the skin because if you massage the oils into the skin, its just creating clogged pores or something to that effect. HTH! :)

oh yeh and i'm a member of Makeupalley too! love that site!

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well I really can't see it going wrong... maybe you need to steam the pores open more? I mean, here -- www.the oilcleaningmethod. com it makes perfect sense!

Btw you have to take out the spaces in the link for it to work =]

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