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help with my reginmen, b5 and bp

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ok, ive pretty much lost all hope and i am coming to u guys for some help. ive had mild/moderate acne for a long time now. and like 4 months ago it started getting bad, with more oil and stuff. so first i tried C&C Continuous Control and moisturizing and that didnt do the trick, so i resorted to using b5. b5 has helped alot and has reduced oil a bunch, but i still get clumps of zits every now and then. last week for some reason i got bombarded with a bunch of zits on my forehead and my chin. i usually dont get acne on my chin only a few zits now and then, maybe one cyst every like 5 months. well anyway my zits usually go away after a little bit but this time they havent. my chin hasnt gotten better and has gotten worse. it looks horrible. here is my regimen i do everyday, and here are some pics

Night: Shower, Wash face with C&C Continuous Control, moisturize after with C&C moisturizer

Morning: Rinse with cool water, pat dry

i take 3g of b5 in the morning, and 3g at night

here are some pics of what i have

user posted image

user posted image

now these my digi cam takes alot of redness an stuff away so these pics make my face and chin look ALOT better than it actually is. u cant even see 75% of the stuff on my forehead. and everything on my chin is red.

now i ask u, what can i do to change my regimen, and what are some short term things i can do tonite and tomorrow before i go back to school tuesday. thanksa bunch

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