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I'm 20 now, and like many many people, have been fighting acne since my early teens. I have been on 3 or 4 different medications and who knows how many topical treatments.

Currently I am on this:



Neobenz 5.5%

Bactrim (Sulfamethoxazole)

I think, for the most part, that my acne is under control (I still get pimples more often that i'd like, but it's nothing compared to the severe users) but I have a lot of red marks that I'd like to go away.

Judging by the attached pictures, which direction do you think I should head in?





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get a lotion with aloe vera as the base ingredient... or some sort of ani-inflammatory/healing component. Also, using a good sunscreen would help fade the discoloration.

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I have some type of lotion I use at home (which i'm not at at the moment, but will post what it is when i am) that was recommended by my dermatologist. for dry skin. She said that my skin wasn't actually dry, but dehydrated.

edit: its called "anthelios sx"

monkee, Can you give any specific products? I need something I can wear to bed or something I can wear out without giving me greasy skin.

Will these aloe-based lotions improve my complexion? Not really sure how to describe this, but I feel like my complexion isn't good. I feel like because I've been using so many products over the years my skin has become "raw".

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i started to see a good improvement with Finacea, however now im on accutane and cant use it- but atleast for the short amount of time i was using it, the marks noticeably started to lighten.

It is an acid, so it may further the rawness feeling- just make sure to use a light moisturizer

Also, make sure to wear lots of sunblock this summer!

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