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Acne for a few years, tired of it.

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Gday all.

I have had acne for a few years now. Im 18 years of age. I was hoping they would just dissapear by his age but clearly I was wrong. I have used many many drugs and creams for it.

First I tried doxycycline (I think that was what it was called) Tried for a few months, noticed no changes.

Then I tried some other cream, it burnt my face and dried out my skin so bad.

Then for the last year I've been using duac once a day gel. I still have pimples. and blackheads.

I've been using it once every night just before bed. My gp says to get the cream from the tip of your finger to the first joint (I dont know what to call it. the first part from the tip of your finger where you can bend...) so roughly the cream I use each night is 1 1/2 cm in length. Its a fair bit of cream but their are alot of pimples.

Basically any advice on what I should do at this point would be greatly appreciated. also, does duag gel remove blackheads?

Thanks all.

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Try the section on blackheads and non-inflammed acne for advice on your blackheads. I started to use Paulas Choice gel on the few that i had left over from when my acne was really bad. I cant say it worked to well, but then again i gave up pretty quickly. It gets good recommendations though.

I apply duac and nicam gel to my face,with the pill working as something to prevent blackheads/spots from appearing. I find that the combination of both topicals works quite well when dealing with any current clogged pores. If i have any,it usually makes them break out quite quickly and a result there arent many left.

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