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this is miniscule...just smile

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some people are overweight, some are annoying, some have terrible features, some have skin troubles, some have organ problems...i think you're getting my drift. as long as we hold our head up high and emit joyously warm vibrations, our skin troubles, no matter how bad they are, will just be a distant concern from people's minds. this site is proof that we all make enormous efforts to alleviate this bacteria that just loves our skin. it's unbelievable how much healthier, more hygienic, and more tactful this skin condition has made us and you all know it.

just a note: when we avoid eye contact, it doesn't hide our skin. if anything, it just gives people nothing to focus on except our skin. hold eye contact when you can and relax, try to really vibe with the people you're talking to. trust me, it makes people much more pleased to talk to you.

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I definitely eat healthier because of this site. You've got that point right, Namaste. :)

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Won't deny that.

Everyone should try to do find treatment for their acne, but don't let it consume your thoughts. I agree with this message.

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yea its funny how people dont look into each others eyes when they talk because they think they wont look at their skin but instad they actually look more at yur skin because they dont nothing else to look at cuz you are not looking at them straight up.

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Oh yes I totally agree on the eye contact thing. It's true, that's why I always maintain eye-contact :) Ilike looking into people's eyes anyway.

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I get your drift. I have a skin disease and acne! :boohoo: But don't worry, I'm not contagious... oh and it's not an STD either ;)

But, Yup! Always keep your head up and then you'll get through it all without going through times you'll regret! :D

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