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Dans BP gel

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Hi All, I am currently using neutrogena on the spot, but I have been thinking about trying Dan's BP gel and I have some questions:

1.) Does it absorb quicker than the on the spot? (is the rubbing process shorter?)

2.)Do certain products work better with the BP gel opposed to the on the spot? (like cleansers, moisturizers) if so which ones?

3.) Which seems to be the most effective?

4.) What are the benefits of it?

5.) Will it be OK for my sensitive skin?

I want both positive and negative thoughts on the products so that I can truely decide if it will be the best product for me. Thanx biggrin.gif

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i agree with everything stevo said, and just want to reinforce the point-


the first time i used the gel, i put on the same amount of gel that i would on-the-spot. i got a little breakout around my mouth and my cheeks got very flaky.

the stuff is strong.

since then, ive cut back on the amount i use, and my overall skin complexion has really improved. its 10 times easier to apply than the neutrogena shit, and doesnt ball up when combined with a moisturizer. i highly reccomend it.


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Thanx good lookin out! After you reduced your application did you eventually amp it up again? :think:

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I went to the gel and I'm never looking back. Absorbes quicker, clearer, and doesn't flake. On top of that it's cheaper.

What else could you ask for? :dance:

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the gel absorbs sooooo much better and doesn't clump with the moisturizer. it is so much better than the on-the-spot. my face didn't get clear till i switched to the gel.

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I find it works just as well as Nutrogena. Makes my face a *tad* more oily, though, so no moisturizer for me. It's so much cheaper that it's DEFINITELY worth it!! You can use a ton and not worry about the $$.

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I made that mistake where I used the same amount of the gel and got a little flaky. I'm backing off a little. It's great stuff. So much cheaper and it doesn't smell.

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