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The Healthy Way to Cure Severe Acne

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I suffered from severe (sometimes cystic) acne for 7 years before I eventually took it upon myself to research it throughly to find the cure. I got sick of listening to dermintoligists because it seemed like nothing that they perscribed ever worked. I tried countless useless products such as proactive, retin A, Clear Pores, Acne severe, and numerous other products. I even tried at least five diffirent antibiotics for durations of 6 weeks. None of these treatment options worked however. Disgusted and utterly depressed, I withdrew from my social life and hid in my dorm as much as possible for 3 months during which I spent at least 2 hours per day researching the underlying cause of Acne and potential treatments from a natural perspective. I am pleased to say that I came up with a combination of vitamins several topical products, and lifestyle changes that have decreased my acne problem enourmously. Furthermore, My skin is now very healthy and radient looking. Here is the remedy I came up with. It treats acne from a 3 dimentional Standpoint.



1. Pantothetic Acid (also known as Vitamin B5): take 5 500mg pills of this vitamin. The brand name is Now. (this is the most important vitamin). If you want to treat your acne more aggresively, then you should take 5 500mg pills of this vitamin 4 times a day for a total of 10grams. Vitamin B5 literally has the same effect as acutane (when taken in large dosages) without the adverse side affects!

2. Omega-3 fatty Acids: Take 2 1,200mg fish oil softgells. The brand name you should buy is "Trader Darwins"

3. Vitamin E: Take 1 400 iu softgell. The brand name you should buy is "Ultra Plan"

4. Selenium: Take one 200mcg capsul. The brand name you should buy is "Nature's Life"

5. Vitamin A: Take 1 25,000 iu softgell. The brand name you should buy is "Solaray"

6. ZInc: Take 2 50 mg capsuls. The brand name you should buy is "Twinlab"

7. Pro-Biotic Acidophilus: Take 1 softgell. The brand name you should buy is "Nutrition Now"

8. Vitamin B6: Take 1 100mg capsule: The brand name that you should buy is: Ultra Plan

9. General multivitamin: 2 tablets of the Murad Pure Skin Clarifying Dietary Supplement.

EVENING DOSAGE: Simply repeat the morning dosage. Take everything again that you took in the morning in the exact same quantity.



1. Make sure that your hands are clean and then apply Cetaphil (Gentle Skin Cleanser for all skin types) generously to your face while in the shower. This is the best product I've found because it does not dry out your skin.Rinse yor face under a gentle stream of warm shower water. If the water pressure is too harsh, it will spread the bacteria around under the skin.

2. After you get out of the shower apply Clean & Clear dual Action Moisturizer to your face while it is still slightly damp. It will take about 10 minutes to sink in. This product contains salicylic acid which is BY FAR better for treating acne than benezol paroxide. Since it is a moisterizer, it mostorizes while treating the bacteria. This is important because excessive dryness is a major cause of acne and (especially) acne scarring.

3. If you notice acne leasons that are extremely small, then you may use a small ammount of benezol paroxide on them. I strongly disagree with Dan in that I think that this product (or products based on it) should only be used for on-the-spot treatment-not all over your face. Benezol paroxide has a drying, irritating effect that is only effective if placed directly on pimples that are very small. Applying this product to large cystic pimples will only make them wose, and in most cases, cause much more sever scarring than would have resulted naturally. It's best to let large pimples heal on their own without applying anything other than Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer to them.

EVENING: Simply repeat the exact same process that was used in the morning. Yes, this does mean that you need to shower twice per day. Trust me, washing in the sink just doesn't cut it

3. LIFESTYLE: The third and final demintion to successuful acne treatment is lifestyle change. There are many things that people do subconsciously that contribute to bad acne.

1. Never touch your face: Absolutely never touch you face with your hands. Your hands are full of bacteria whether you realize it or not. Touching you face is not the underlying caues of sever acne, but it can make it much worse. If the sabatious glands are already operating irregularly, there is no need to complicate things by introducing bacteria to your face from your hands. In addtion, never pop, squeeze, or (in general) touch your pimples. This will only make them worse and, in many cases, cause scarring which can only be treated gy expensive lasers and resurfacing techniques.

2. Wash your hair at least 3 times per week. In addition you if your hair gets really sweaty during the day, make sure that you wash it before you go to bed. Bacteria form your hair will get on your pillow case and, thus, your face if you do not wash it after it gets sweaty/dirty.

3. Change your pillow case every night. I know this sounds a bit harsh due to the fact that I already reccomend showering twice per day, but (trust me) it is very necessary.

4. Avoid suggary foods and milk: This means no drinking milk, soda, or eating anything high in sugar-such as cookies candy cake, etc. Numerous studies have concluded that sugar irritates the bacteria which infects the sebatious glands, thus creating further breakouts. Milk contains hormones which are ment for cows not humans. These hormones can trigger excessive oil in the sebatius glands.

5. Eat a big salad with a variety of fresh vegetables once per day: Although the regimin that I came up with involves taking alot of vitamins, it is necessary to ingest some of these vitamins in their natural forms. Vegetables are extremely good for you and will help you to cleanse yourself of acne form the inside out.

6. Drink green tea: Drink at least one glass of green tea each day. Scientists are constantly discovering more and more benifits to drinking green tea. It is now very well doccumented that Green tea has a positive effect on acne. It works to detoxify your body, thus promoting clear skin.

7. Sleep eight hours every night: Our bodies heal when we are asleep. You technically need 8 hours of sleep no matter who you are. Operating on a lack of sleep will also throw your hormones out of balance thus causing more oil production in the sebatious glands and, ultimately, acne.

8. Exercise: I try to run at least 3 time per week. I also typically lift weights on a regular basis. It is extremely important that you wash your face after you exercise. If you don't, the sweat will cause further skin irritation. Give your body around 15 minutes (after you are done with your work out) to stop sweating, and then cleanse your face in the manner described in this article.

Thus, effective acne treatment results from a 3 dimentional approach. It must be treated internally by taking vitamins which stop the overproduction of oil in the sebatious glands. It must be treated externally with the approperiate products (It is important that these products do not dry out the skin. No benezol paroxide based products!!). Finally, lifestyle adjustments must be made in order to maintain clear skin.

If you combine all of these thee dimentions of treatment, then I am confident that you will have the clear and beautiful skin that you always dreamed of. Your skin will return to it's natural state, and with it, your self confidence.

And now for the grand finally.... There is a revolutionary new therapy which is now offered by most dermintoligists accross the country called Photodynamic therapy. If you have this treatment preformed, I guarantee you that you will be acne free for 6 months. I had it done on myself, and I literally did not have a single zit on my face for 6 months. Like I said, I used to struggle with severe cystic acne. Photodynamic therapy has a 90% success rate, and there are no adverse side effects as in the case of accutane. during the proceedure, the chemical levalin is applied to your face and you are left to incubate for a period of 1 hour. After the incubation period, you are put under a blue light which activates the levelun for 15-30 minutes. The recovery process takes around 7 days during which your skin peels off and the overreactive acne-causing sebatious glands are effectively diminished (sometimes perminately). I mentioned the vitamin therapy options first simply because photodynamic therapy is a bit pricy. It costs around $500 dollars per treatment, and one usually needs 2-3 treatments (depending on the severity of the acne). you can visit the following website to read more about photodynamic therapy (be sure to watch the video): totaldermatology.com

Don't loose hope! There's light at the end of the tunnel. Your acne can be treated. Wether you choose to participate in my 3 dimintional approach or drop the $500-$1,000 on photodynamic therapy, there are effective ways to cure your acne. Whatever you do, please do not go on accutane. It is extremely bad for you, and can have long term adverse consequences. Vitamin B5 (which is taken in large quantities in my vitamin routine) has the same effect on clearing acne as accutane (which is essentially vitamin A) without the adverse side effects. Furthermore, photodynamic therapy has a higher success rate than accutane and also does not have adverse long term side effects.

I you have any questions, simply reply to this blog and I will do my best to answer them.

I wish you the best of luck,


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great post bro. I agree with most of it, however your acne might be clearing since your at the age where your hormones coudl be calming down. I had horrible acne until i was about 22 and it was minor and completely managable until this year, I jsut turned 29 and my acne is bad again. I agree witht he diet, I take all of those vitamins twice a day, i eat a few salads per day, i stopped milk and most sugar. I try not to touch my face but once you have a habbit, it's hard to stop. I was showering twice a day but i think my breakouts were worse. I wash with something like cetaphil, it's called spectro gel, same thing. I sleep 8 hours, I excersize, etc. The only problem is that for years and years, I ate horribly6, mcdonalds everyday, sweets, alot of dairy, etc my skin was under control, a few brekaouts here or there but they faded in days, skin was fine. So if diet was so important in my acne, then why wasnt my face as bad then as it is now? My sugar and fat intake alone back then shoudl have made my skin horrible. I'm beginning to think hormones has alot more to do with it that food. With that being said, I'm starting my second month of healthy eating, so far, no luck, skin still bad, breakouts are still rapid. I started with the green tea as well, hoping that can help, ive had a few breakouts since drinking it, i get the decaf and have about 3 to 5 cups per day. My only problem is the anti bacterial regims. I tried the clean and clear salysilic wash a few months back and my fae was horribly red, burned for hours. My skin is overly sensitive, i only burn, never tan, etc. How well does the product that you are talking about work? IS there irratation, how sensitive is your skin? I also havent been able to find a moisterizer than works for me. I tried the Olay sensitive skin and my skin broke out, maybe not related to the moisterizer but regardless, still broke out badly. My scarring lasts longer now than before as well so I'm afraid of using products that cause worse breakouts, even the ones that make it worse before it gets better. Great post man but I'm trying ot find a topical soulution as well, I think ive got the diet down pretty good so far

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Yeah, it sounds like you got the diet down really well. I definately agree with you in that hormones are the underlying cause of acne. Certain foods, for some unexplained reason, seem to irritate acne though. Since acne is caused by backteria + overreacting sebateous glands, I think that it is the backteria side of things primarly that can be affected by food.

Do you have any off time in the near futrue? If you do, and you have the money, I would strongly recomend photodynamic therapy. It will take the overreactive sebateous glands, and literally destroy them (sometimes perminately). The only draw back is that there is 7 days of downtime. Trust me though, it is well worth it. I am only saying that because I had the proceedure preformed on myself. You can find out more information about it by going to totaldermintology.com clicking on photodynamic therapy, and watching the video on the page.

Also, I have been looking into the quantity of B 5 that should be taken, and I found out that 10grams is the right ammount. This means 20 500mg pills of the vitamin per day spaced at intravals of 5 pills 4 times per day. If yu are unable, or do not want to have photodynamic therapy, then I think this is the next best option all the way around.

BTW I think the clean and clear dual action moisterizer is the way to go because it moisterizes the skin as well as treats it. I also use the cetaphil gentle skin cleanser to wash my face. The idea behind these products is to gently cleanse and moisturize without creating excessive dryness or irritation which can result form benezol paroxide products.

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are you sure that the dosages here are safe? 4.8 g of fishoil? 200mg of zinc?

and doesnt warm water open up your pores while cold water tightens/closes?

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Thats a pretty solid regimen

Throw exercise in there

are you sure that the dosages here are safe? 4.8 g of fishoil? 200mg of zinc?

and doesnt warm water open up your pores while cold water tightens/closes?

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crap typo! Yeah, I got the hot/cold water thing reversed. You should wash your face with warm water this does open up the pores wheras cold water closes them. I use warm water anyway. It was 3:00 in the morning when I was typing this, so that's my excuse.

As far as the zink goes, I take two 50 mg capsuls in the morning and two in the evening for a total of 200mg per day. It never has a noticably negative affect on me, but if you take that ammount and it bothers you, then I would recomend cutting it down to 100 per day (50mg am and 50mg pm). The fish oil dosage is perfectly safe. Some people with acne take even more of it than I recomended. The supplement that you really need to focus on though is the B5. This vitamin will literally have the same affect as acutane (when taken in large quantities) without the adverse side affects.

Yeah, I did forget to mention exercise. I run 3 times per week and lift weights. These activities also help. It is important to make sure that you wash your face after exercising. Giving your body a few minutes to finish sweating before you wash your face is always a good idea.

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