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Green Tea For acne marks?

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So, ive been doing some researching on Green tea.. So far, i see that green tea works and prevents acne breakouts, and even fades acne marks?

I just need to know why you guys think about it?

I just recently bought some Lipton 100% Green tea, not a satisfying taste, but ok.

i add no sugar, no sweets into it.. i drink it straight from what it is.

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I drink a few cups a week, but I haven't recently. I think it helped me prevent new spots from forming. From now on I'm gonna start drinking 3 cups a day and see how that goes.

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HOW DOES IT prevent new spots and fade marks? Has it wrked on you..and are you sure its the green tea and not something else..

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Im actually seeing results..

My acne marks were really red at first, but after i began drinking it.. next morning the redness was gone... i drink 2 glasses a day.

Make sure you eat something also, something healthy, perhaps fruit? Dont drink just green tea haha, i did and ended up puking it all out.. make sure you eat something before you drink.

And, i also use the cooled tea bags after they have cooled down for my eyes, they minimize the appearance of bags also..

Green tea has sooo much vitamins and minerals.. its bound to work.. give it a try

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