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Accutane Initial Breakout

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Hi, did anybody experiance a terrible initial breakout. The first two weeks I've was on accutane I broke out worse than ever in my entire life. My doc put me on prednisone and all my acne went away within 5 days. I am now almost done with my 1st month, do you think it will come back?

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I had a pretty nasty IB. I am on my 23rd day (40mg @ 190lbs) and within the first day or two after I took my first dose my forehead (which is where most of my acne is located anyway) just erupted in cysts. The rest of my face has stayed pretty much the same. Seems its starting to calm now but man, it sure sucked. I also think that stopping the topical I was using the day I started Accutane probably helped to make things worse as that was what I believe was keeping most of the bad stuff at bay. Anyways, good luck in your course.

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I had terrible IBs. They were more than one. The worse was when they increased the dosage from 40 to 60. I don't know in your case, eveyone is different. I only broke out like the first two months, but it took longer to clear my face because I had a lot of redness. I hated it but I never broke out again and it's been almost 4 years.

I have to say I was very miserable during my course, but I just wanted my acne to go away.

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