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I promised myself that I wouldn't... but I had a huge blackhead yesterday and it was starring at me and it popped it and then I couldn't stop, it was like I was in a battle with my face... and once I got everything on there I turned to my back which has blackheads...

Then I woke up thissmorning and looked at my face.... oh god... What was NOTHING yesterday is now SOMETHING

They're all red and inflamed... not big... but VERY noticable... and my forehead got A LOT worse too...

Worst part about it is I'm going to Bamboozle in 11 days and there's gunna be BOYS there HOT boys!!!

Rawr.. =(

I've learned my lesson... you should learn yours too.. PICKING IS FUN BUT IS MEAN IN THE LONGRUN...

How long is this going to take to go away? =((

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sorry to hear about this- it always happens at the most inconvenient time. Try using some ice if theres any swelling and some neosporin may help as well. It should be fine in 11 days time just don't pick anymore! :D

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I still have this problem from time to time,its as if i'll never learn :rolleyes:

I havnt had anything to pop in recent times but any clogged pore/balckhead i just cnat help it! Sometimes it works,sometimes it doesnt :redface:

Mid-year resolutin......dont squeeze clogged pores.

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To reduce skin picking i threw away all my mirrors and now only look in my bathroom mirror where the lighting is not to harsh and i can't see the small blocked pores. Really helps me feel better.

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