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Hi, i would like some advice regarding getting rid of cysts, is it ok to have cortisone shot done while on accutane, i have a couple of cysts which have been sticking on my face for more than 3 weeks already and don't seem to go down.

My condition now is:

20 mg of nimigen(another form of accutane) per day, i have taken for 8 days currently.

my skin is now dry and all my acne feel like hardened bumps and dry patches that seem to heal very slowly.

I have a feeling that the cysts will scar if i don't take care of them.

Any advice would be appreciated, i wonder if anyone took cortisone shots while on accutane and how are the results.Thanks

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I'm not too sure about this but I think that due to the extreme fragility of your skin whilst on accutane, a corsitone shot would not be recommended, and could cause more damage than good. I'm sure your dermatologist would be able to advise you, as they are usually quite careful about what treatments they allow patients to use on accutane. Please be careful!

Try treating your cysts with a combination of pure manuka oil (www.livingnature.com) and emu oil (ebay.com) - treat them with the manuka (which is EXTREMELY anti-bacterial - 33 times stronger than tea tree!) with a few drops, and then apply the emu a few minutes later (the emu oil will allow the manuka to penetrate deep into the cysts) If this doesn't work, then you could consider the corsitone shot.

Also, bear in mind that cysts will usually go away of their own accord within a few weeks or perhaps months.

Good luck! smile.gif

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