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Shadow Yoshi

Does anyone else get whiteheads like mine?

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Every now and then I'll get a whitehead that starts out as a spot that's mostly red, but has a very tiny white spot inside it. Over about a day or two, the pimple increases in size and the whitehead forms. At the end of the development, the pimple will end up about twice the size it was at the beginning, with the white part covering nearly the whole pimple. There will be redness around it, some pimples I get have more redness than others. During the time the pimple forms, I experience throbbing. The pimple also burns and stings. Does anyone else get whiteheads like this?

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I get those too. Especially around my mouth. Right now I have a big one on my nose that is just perfectly RIPE for popping , but I'm going to restrain myself and let it go away on its own. I seem to get acne on that same spot once a month or so , and I always pop it when the time seems right. This time I'm going to TRY . . . really , really hard . . . not to pop it.

Oh my goodness I want to pop it so damn badly. . .

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Well , I popped it. . . I just had to! It was about to burst on its own and there was too much pressure inside the pimple that was causing mild pain and slight throbbing. I washed my hands with soap then rubbed my hands together with disinfectant , then proceeded to prick the pimple with a sterile lancet needle. Immediately the nasty stuff inside burst out and shot across the room and hit my brother in the eye. Okay , that didn't happen , but I was able to extract every last drop of delicious , white goo from the pimple by using minimal pressure. I just LOVE it when I pop the perfect pimple , it feels so damn good - and I should have nothing but a small round scab by tomorrow morning with little to no redness. On the other hand , if I pop a pimple that isn't ready and it turns into a red mess - that is the WORST feeling in the world! Seriously , popping the perfect pimple can put me in a good mood for an entire day. :dance:

Oh and by the way , I have no more throbbing or pain on that spot , I can't feel a thing. It's almost as if I never had a pimple there. Now if only this stupid cyst on my jaw would come to a head. . .

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