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Is accutane right for me?

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Well first post here! Ive always been more of a lurker i suppose. Ive been recently posting on a blog.. Heres a few of my my last blog entries..

April 14th

Skin I.d. is amazing! Its working and every big pimple is gone! Just a few red spots (nothing concealer cant help with!) and blackheads! i go to the derm soon so they can probably give me something for the Blackheads!

Its leaving me sooo confident! I even had a good dream for the first time in ages last night! My gf just kept kissin me! I guess that should mean I got a new level of self esteem! Yay!

April 21st


I stopped using it.. this post cursed me I guess..

Soon after I broke out rly rly bad.. My skin got super dry and flaky.. And I now have started to get cysts.. Derm in 3 days! Im begging for accutane and reading EVERYTHING on accutane so hopefully the derm will let me take it because I know what im getting myself into. I think Ill be able to get it because Im going to refuse antibiotics saying that they are only a temp solution and I dont want to take them forever.

Just a quick question.. Any Ideas on how to get the derm to prescribe Tane to 14 year old who hasnt tried antibiotics? Itll be a toughie.. But Ill use my persuasion skills to the best of my ability.

My chin area is terrible right now.. I have 2 cysts on my chin, and I mustve started scrating them during the night because I woke up and had an open area from where I scratched off a pimple, and I have about a 2inch cut on my chin from scrating..

Mannnn I cannot wait until friday. Gimme dat tane!


Ok so heres the deal.. I really want accutane, but do you think that my derm will prescribe it? How can I get him to prescribe it? And if you are here to post and say "14 IS TOO YOUNG FOR ACCUTANE" dont even bother. Because you are just wasting your time because I wont listen to you no matter what you say because Im a stubborn bullhead like that! Also, its my first derm visit.. any pointers on what to ask for?

Thanks guys!

Ill take pics in a few mins and put em up so you can figure out what I should take!

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