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New to Board- going all natural and minimizing

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I'm 24 and Ive had acne since I was 14. It hit hard when I was 14... one day I woke up and my face was just covered. Over the following years the doctor tried me on tetracycline, minocycline, retin-a, differin, and 2 cycles of accutane. Accutane cleared me up but dried my skin out bad and the acne came back a couple months later both times. Over the last about 5 years I've been on a combo of minocycline and retin-a. My skin is nowhere as bad it used to be but I still break out more than I consider acceptable.

I've always thought in the back of my mind that if I had never had the doctor treat my acne it probably never would have been bad at all. The more I read on it and the more experience I get in life, I look back and think my doctor severely mishandled my acne and I think my acne is mainly a symptom of all the meds/products I've been using for so long. It started when I was 13 and had 1 small pimple when I went for a yearly checkup. Being young and trusting, and almost proud of my zit since it meant I was growing up, I asked the doctor what I should do about it. The doctor gave me a prescription for erythromycin pads to rub my face with every night. I'm not medically trained, but I think this could have had a large impact on my facial chemistry at a young age that led to me breakout at 14.

Anyway, I've read about the "caveman regimen" on this website and I like alot of its principles. It seems a little overkill to me though. Everyone washes their face once a day with water. I nonetheless took influence from it and began minimizing my routine a few months ago.

-I went from 1- 100mg minocycline cap every night to taking 1-2 nights off a week.

-I went from washing & moisturizing my face every day and night, while applying retin-a every night... to now washing every morning and only washing & using retina every other night.

So far I've noticed my face looks way more healthy (less red and aggravated) but I do still get breakouts (less than before though). Especially around the mouth. So I've decided to continue adjusting/minimalizing my routine:

-A couple days ago I stopped using toothpaste with fluoride to address the acne near the mouth.

-I bought some Burt's bees orange face wash and some Kiss my face olive oil & aloe bar soap. I haven't decided which wash is better for my face yet so I've been alternating them. I was using Aveeno ultra calming foaming cleanser which was fine but I dont like the artificial ingredients in it and I wonder if the Cocamidopropyl Betaine has been aggravating my skin.

-I got rid of my cheap shampoo and bought some organic stuff with no sulfates.

-I also switched from complex-15 moisturizer to Cerave which was more of a cost savings measure than anything else.

Ok, so my first question is: Do you think the kiss my face soap is ok?

The ingredients are: saponified olive oil, water, aloe barbadensis gel, sodium chloride, fragrance. I'm concerned about the sodium chloride since its considered to be highly comedogenic but it's in alot of things, including cetaphil bar soap. The problem is there isn't really any good cleanser out there. Everything has SLS, sodium chloride, animal fat, or something else that's irritating and comedogenic. At least the kiss my face soap is natural.

My second question is: Could I just wash my face with cold water? Would it be effective in removing dirt and unclogging pores? Or maybe wash my face with a moisturizer like cerave..?

So I guess the point my thread is getting to is that all the stuff we use to control our acne is probably causing it. Look at the ingredients to the cleansers and moisturizers you use... there's all sorts of crap in there. We put all this crap on our face every day and keep getting acne; people without acne dont put this stuff on their face. I eat healthy, exercise regularly, and nobody else in my family has ever had a problem with acne. There's no logical explanation for me to be breaking out with my genetics and age. The one variable between me and my family or other people without acne is all the crap I religiously put on my face. My goal is to eventually get off the minocycline completely, and minimize my routine to maybe washing once a day with something pure and natural.

Last time I went to the doctor I asked about getting off the minocycline and he actually suggested upping it to 2x a day. Instead I cut back on my own and my acne/irritation got better. Doctors are idiots.

So what do you guys think? Do you think my plan will work? How about the Kiss my face soap, do you think its OK to use?

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