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Has anyone seen a pattern with milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, ect consumption and their acne???

I came to this board months ago and have improved my acne with the elimination of processed food (sugar, white flour) and eating fruits and vegetables and almonds. I now am backing away from red meats and trying to eat more fish as discussed in Dr Perriconne's book The Acne Prescription which I still haven't finished reading but the menus at the end tell you what to eat.

I found this today on milk. I can now look back and see that while on Atkins Phase 1 where most calories were meat and cheese my acne was the worst it ever was combined with that damn Murad, it was a disaster. Now my skin doesn't heal right. I saw the link on the cleansing of the gallbladder/liver which I will try next and try to cook with coconut oil has recommended.

Any insight on the milk connection would be appreciated.

Any comments.


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Milk and dairy products can make many people's blood and such "acidic" compared to the Ph that it should be. That's mostly why it can trigger acne for some people. Also, it tends to create mucous in the system, which also can trigger acne.

I've noticed a change in my skin's oiliness and my overall well-being since I stopped eating so much cheese. I used to have a lot of burritoes and such, but now I put a lot less cheese on when I do eat them.

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I've read that dairy products can trigger acne because of the hormones. Cow are given lots of growth hormones to increase milk production, and these hormones end up in milk.

You should try soy milk (esp. Silk Vanilla)...it's delish!

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