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laser treatments for reducing hyperpigmentation associated with mild scars?

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until last summer, when i suffered a terrible breakout, nearly all my blemishes hyperpigmented, but very few left permanent scars. after that breakout however, most of the acne left shallow, hyperpigmented, indented scars. since i am of indian descent, these scars generally started off red, becoming dark brown, and then slowly faded. however, they remain a bit darker than the rest of my skin, even after almost one year. i am thinking about trying some sort of laser treatment in hopes of evening out the the color of the scarred skin, and hopefully minimizing the scars themselves. Will something like fraxel or smoothbeam be appropriate for that? anyone else who has had success in reducing the redness of scars have other suggestions? i've tried lactic, glycolic, and mild tca peels, retinoids (which my skin does NOT like), finacea, aloe vera, tea tree oil, tumeric, others things i can't remember. thanks!

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From what I understand, IPL treatments are supposed to be good for treating pigmentation. You could also try "glopping" aloe vera gel nightly; this has helped fade my hyperpigmentation, although the scars were new and more pink. I also believe there are topical treatments that bleach the skin and help with lightening...

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