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What I been doing are wash my face with OXY acne wash with triclosan, apply panoxyl 2.5% on the spot and apply johnsons's baby lotion (watchout for mineral oil in the ingredient list, use the one without mineral oil) all over my face...

Apply panoxyl with 2.5% benzoyle peroxide version once every two night... and to test whether you are allergic to BP.

Using gentle exfoliator will strip off the natural sebum and dead skin cell, so it will make the scars more visible...

I will not use any acne scar product but baby lotion moisturiser because the scar will eventually healed over time..

lock the moisture and the scar will become less visible..

Use the cleanser which will not over dry your skin (your skin may feel a little oily perhaps) because the natural sebum lock the moisture..

The oily sensation after gentle cleaning is the essential sebum.. at least can lock the moisture but be sure to wash your face regularly...

I can feel my face is hot due to blushing or paying full attention on something for some time...

perhaps something to do with histamine or chemical reaction that have left after been used many products... even after i had my meals, i can feel hot around my mouth areas... already in sleeping state but the brain are very active as if it happens in reality. for example masturbating, playing sport games, something triggers your anger, etc.

The heat will speed up the germ activities and acne formed in a shorter period in 2 or 3 days...

I apply baby lotion so that it will moisturise and feel less hot..

Triclosan has anti bacterial property. I use it to stop the acne germ production activities but nothing can kill the germs just make them stop producing germs and the germ will be lesser as time goes by due to short life span?

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