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I've had acne since 11 years, and they started going away and just when I thought "They are actually going away", they're coming back all over again, and they're worse than ever now!! :(

In school I have been bullied and Ive been called ugly by all the girls in class who are all pretty, and they have said stuff like, "oohh look spotty face! " No one else in my class has had spots, I wish mine would just go away!! :cry: I really do!! and they would be all "im going to be a beautiful model when i grow up!" and that just really depresses me! :cry:

I've tried a regime, like getting up early,

1. face mask

2. t- zone gel face wash

3. dermalogica dermal clay cleanser

4. effaclar purifying foaming gel

5. effaclarar spot cream

6. freederm spot cream

7.neautragina pads

8. toothpaste

I Drink water and I do a lot of exercise, 6 times a week, which is supposed to help too! :cry:

I am really fed up with them :wall: , I feel like giving up, everyone else has clear faces and I am covered with spots alll overr myy facee :redface:

Can anyone give some advice? :shifty: Please!

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:comfort: Its tough having acne in such an environment as school where people can be very judgemental and put emphasis on physical attributes. My best advice is that the girls that say these things aren't really your friends and you should try and spend less time with them, people like that just aren't worth your time or friendship. If you do still spend time with them I suggest that you try and project a confident image of yourself, act like they have no effect and they should get bored and stop the comments but that is not an easy thing to do and will take a strong sense of character.

As for your regime I'd stop using so many different treatments, in all likelihood your probably doing more harm than good. Simple regimes tend to be the ones that work the best. I suggest dropping the freederm and toothpaste for a start - both of these treatments have little effect both from personal experience and reading other reviews.

As your in Ireland may I suggest a trip to your GP to discuss your options, its free and he/she may be able to give you tangible advice and direction. Good luck :D

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I am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time. I think many of us can relate to having issues related to acne. It's inexcusable that someone should bully you because of acne, and for that, I am really truly sorry. Those people need to learn what respect and common decency means.

It sounds like you have tried several home remedies and over the counter products. Have you considered going to a dermatologist? They may be able to provide some different options that you don't have access to currently.

Whatever happens, just remember you have us, and honestly, there are a ton of people in the world who could care less about acne. Those who do are entirely too superficial.

I hope things get better! :comfort:

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Please go and see a derm. No need to suffer for so long. Over the counters don't work for some people.

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