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Jeremiah Jenkins

rotating antibiotics after 6 months

I was wondering if anyone tried rotating antibiotics every 6 months like once u get used to minocycline after 6 months or so, then you take dioxycline for 6 months and get used to that. cant u go back to minocycline since your body has had a chance to get rid of the minocycline in your body and not be immune to it anymore...

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If the bacteria in/on your body are resistant to that drug they'll be resistant forever; they'll pass that resistance on to all their bacteria-kids and grandkids.

People shouldn't take antibiotics for acne. My take. We are only seeing the beginnings now of increasing bacterial resistance. We'll be back to the days before antibiotics some day.

Using benzoyl peroxide in a topical wash or topical solution/cream/ointment/gel can help stop the development of resistant bacteria.

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It may be a little hypocritical considering I take antibiotics (going off of them this summer after 1.5 years), but I agree with Wynne. People forget that modern antibiotics haven't been around for many decades, and only in the past couple have they been prescribed in such large amounts. I sometimes worry about the effectiveness of them long term...and I don't relish the day that we figure out they aren't the solution for everything. Hopefully we have an alternative by then!

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