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WhiCH NaTural Oils Are Da BeSt?

[color="#FF00FF]I've heard of so many different oils being used for the face region tea tree oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and others bu :whistle: t which one works the best without drying out the skin or making an oily face even oilier than it already is? I dont want to clog my pores up but want to close them up make them less noticeable especially removing blackheads around the nose my biggest problem. I want to use something that is natural enough that I want flare up like I've been laying in the sun all day long really hate that my face is sensitive. I am on an antibiotic doxycycline one month into it with ziana but had to stop :think: that ziana due to the redness flaking, and i just hated going to sleep with nasty sticky stuff all over my face I also wash my face with cetaphil soap antibacterial. Any suggestions would be taken highy in consideration....................... :dance:

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try bio oil. its like a mix of all of them. dont put much on. about 2 drops on each cheek. also for your black heads. have you heard of delnas regimen??

any way theres this thing i saw on youtube.

wisk an egg white with a squeez of lemon.

apply it to your face.

put tissue paper over it.

then put more eggwhite over that.

makes like a mask thing. it works really well but you gotta let it dry.

so yer. check out delnas regimen. then search egg white mask. on youtube. its a black lady that does it.

her skins amazing

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They are all going to feel greasy imo, but I really like jojoba oil, its a good moisturizer. EVOO helps with redness/PIH. Many people use tea tree oil to treat acne but you would look up how to do it properly.

I think it depends on what you are looking for but I would suggest starting with a drop of jojoba oil in your fav moisturizer.

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