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I'm on to something teenage acne

Ok so here is my long story short:

I have had acne since my sophomore year in high school and now I'm a senior with less than a month to graduation. I haven't really tried to control my acne until November 2008 and that was because I was totally desperate that's when it started getting bad, my girlfriend dumped me around that time to... Anyways I was on dans regimen for about 3 months with little to no results cause my combination skin was not reacting very well. I did an experiment a couple of weeks ago were I ate a lot of sugar and proccessed food I realized that my cheeks broke out horribly within a week, than the week after I had very little sugar and no new spots since then only scars left from the week of indulgences. So I figured out my cheek acne problem. Next was to figure out what was causing the acne under my jaw which I have never had before until this year. In desperation to get rid of my acne I blindly chose a multivitamin centrum which contained IODINE at the time I didn't know of the link between acne and iodine which is real...! I proMise it is. I googled iodine and acne and found info that supported that iodine causes acne lesions under the jaw. I will now go on a 3 day fast to rid my body of the excess iodine. I will post pictures of what my skin looks like now and than I will post another one on the fourth day to show results. I only use salicylic acid and a mousterizer no bp.

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I'm glad you are exploring your acne 'triggers' (as much as I don't like that word). Acne is a multi-faceted problem and it can honestly be hard to figure out what is causing your own case of it. I am glad you've figured something out. I suggest looking at the holistic and nutrition forums for more information about how food and vitamins can affect your acne.

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