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So i have been on this diet where i cut out all dairy, chocolate, sodas, and other foods high in sugar and eat only natural good foods..

so right now i was standing in front of the fridge and i was STARVING I mean my energy level was down to 0% and i look over at my sis and shes having a delicious bag of hot cheetos (Spicy foods are my weakness) and i just start crying i mean i CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! It SUCKS!!!!! I HATE MOTHER FCKN ACNE"("("(

I mean im doing this becuz i was reading bout alot of people that decided to do this and how much it helped them so i wanted to try this (STARTED March 29th) and see what happens since im TRYING to get my face cleared up for my B-day..I just want to give up though i mean im a growing teenager (girl) thats always hungry (But im very petite..Weird?) and I cant eat at school any more becuz they only serve shit! UGHHHH!

Today my bro wanted to take me out to eat for my b-day( an early present) but we couldnt figure out where the hell i could eat so i stayed home (like i always do)"(....................

ITS NOT FAIR ITS NOT FAIR ITS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wall::cry::mad:

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[font="Comic Sans MS] Im trying to do the same thing but are you taking any antibiotics? you have to also start from the inside . I take doxycycline 100 mg twice a day yes i also avoid fast food I usually eat almonds they work for me high in Vitamin E also vitamin C is great for acne. Wash my face with cetaphil does not leave your skin fucking irritating n all that shit right so. Im clearing up quite nice a little sunshine helps too maybe 15 to 30minutes of outdoors ... I also stop worrying so much about that stop stressing yourself N my Bday was just last Saturday . but anyways keep it up drink alot of water it flushes funky shit out of your body. RElax pamper yourself to something you like if you really want it you wont stop !!
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AWW thanks you just made me smile")

And i use duac and a sfc lotion cleanser and take half a multi vitamin 2 times a wk.

so you know what?! im not going to stop and youre right i do want it very badly!

So im going to stick with it even though i feel like im a starved person"/

But thanks :angel:

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Don't take antibiotics. They will undo all your hard work and the progress you've made with diet changes, and cause you far more problems in the long run. I have been on them and am paying for it now. I know it's frustrating, but stick to your diet if it's helping your skin. Clear skin is worth not being able to eat certain foods, no?

Yeah your right and i dont take antibiotics i just use topical prescribed cream and I WILL (I dont care if it kills me) stick to my diet")

Its just soooo hard at school I have NO freaking idea what to eat so i usually just starve :cry:

Thanks After this it inspired me not to give up :angel:

Foods high in protein and fat help you feel full more than carbs. Eat some steak, eggs, nuts, or whatever.

Thank i will")

But one question wont steak be bad for me and what kind of nuts are okay to eat??

Atleast you lasted a while there faithhope.

Don't give up. Best of luck


I wont give up :snooty::dance:

i love how every buddy is sooo supportive")

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Good to hear that you are not going to give up. Stick to the diet. Even if clear skin doesn't immediately come, at least you will have a healthy body. Cheer up.
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Good to hear that you are not going to give up. Stick to the diet. Even if clear skin doesn't immediately come, at least you will have a healthy body. Cheer up.

oh gosh!


Everybody here IS TOOO SWEETT :D

I love coming on here and knowing that i can tell COMPLETE strangers more then i could tell my OWN FAMILY")

IF IT WASN'T FOR ACNE.Org I would be in serious depression"/


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Look up primal diet/fitness. You eat foods that were available to cavemen, since that's the way our bodies evolved to eat. Basically you eat red meat/fish/poultry, most veggies (no white potatoes, too many carbs), some fruit (don't want too much sugar), eggs, seeds and nuts (peanuts aren't nuts). Avoid grains (humans only started eating grains within the last few thousand years), dairy, and refined carbs (white bread, white rice, etc).

So your brother could have taken you out for seafood or maybe a nice steak house.

As you move away from eating carbs, it will be hard for the first week or 2, but then you adapt and it gets easy.

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If the diet changes doesn't seem to help then it is your topical cream that's hindering the recovery process. Eating good foods shouldn't cause acne. But using chemicals, we can't be sure if it does good or bad. Try not using it. ;)

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I'm really petite too and the last thing I can afford to do is just eat such a restricted diet, I eat constantly LOL. I do snack a lot on fruits and natural almonds, I think you would actually do best not eating fast food, the occasional chip shouldn't kill you. I really think if its been a couple of weeks and you haven't had much results what you are using on your skin is the result of your acne. I used to have this moisturizer I really loved , hell I try to stay away from it now because it breaks me out around my chin/bottom cheek area but it makes my skin tone glow and sooo freaking even. Are you using topicals? Also what is the severity of your acne and is your skin really dry, oily etc?

This may sound odd but I found eating at least two apples a day, 1-2 cups of green tea *just a spoonful of sugar and honey and two spoonfuls of flaxseed have really helped me out. Also I moisturize with aloe. I still tend to eat junk food sometimes like a mutha but my breakout is very very minimal.

In high school I used purpose soap, just that and it really cleared me up. :-)

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