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Oh boy..think I messed up this time...

About a month ago a noticed a cyst coming on the right side of my face and like a dumb ass I messed with it to make it go away faster...lol

What I thought was weird is that it was rather flat then being round and it felt almost hollow in the center of it. Last night I noticed it looked like it had filled back up and yeah...messed with it again.

I just wanted the damn thing to drain and heal. The center came open and it didn't even hurt..at first i didn't even think I had got it till I felt something running down my face. I turned back to the mirror to notice yellow pus was pouring down the side of my face and I started freaking out. Ive never seen that much pus before..disgusting. I called the nurse advice line and asked her what I should do and she told me it could be staph infection. That i should clean it and cover it till I see my doctor.

Ive had staph infection years ago and it made my acne really bad..I'm kinda freaked out atm

Has anyone else experienced a lot of pus like this? I'm pretty sure it's not the norm.

I really can't afford to go to the doctor since I had to quit my job and move back here for a bit.

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Ok, apparently I'm retarded. lol

I had no idea normal cystic acne could possibly produce pus like that.

After reading a lot about it..I think I freaked out over nothing.

I have never had one like this..guess maybe what I thought was a cyst at times in the past was something else?

Hopefully I'm not the only person to freak out when this first happened to them. lol

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Lots and lots of pus could indeed signify a staph infection. Cleanse with your cleanser and warmish water, apply a tad of antibiotic cream/ointment to a bandaid and then place the bandaid on the spot.

Keep treating it with gentle cleansing and applying the antibiotic ointment/cream (daily) and if it doesn't improve within a week, then you really should see a doctor, insurance or not. No more messing about with your skin at all!

Wash your hands frequently, too.

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