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Hi, my name is Andrew, and I'm an acne sufferer

I don't want to type up a long boring story, so I will make it short and simple.

I have tried everything.. every topical.. every cleanser.. every oral medication, including accutane.

So finally I was about 75-80% clear. So I still had about 20-25% acne on face and back, including scars, that aged me, and shattered my confidence.

Simple solution I discovered (With my normal regimine, which including washing face morning and night and using benzoyl): WHEAT GRASS.

Wheat grass..

Read the benefits online... everyday, I go to my jamba juice and drink a 2 oz wheatgrass shot. Whether Im at school (UC Irvine) or at home (Long Beach) I make sure to get my daily double shot.

Long story short: I have noticed great results. I dont break out like I used to.. my acne is fading away on my face and back.. and my acne scars are fading away too. I have only been doing this for 1 month. I intend to do it for 6-8 months. As pricey as it is, I am seeing quicker results than accutane..... which is crazy. Your basically getting as much chlorophyl equivalent to 2.5 pounds of fresh veggies..

so when you order a double shot of FRESH wheatgrass, MAKE SURE NOT TO TAKE cirtic acid (orange wedge) as a chaser... cause they offer it to you. Citric acid will kill half the nutrients... And make sure to take it within 3 minutes of the squeeze, cause the nutrients will die off yet again if you dont drink it fresh...

Long story short again...

Wheat grass

take it fresh squeezed, none of that powder bull sh*t... im talking real wheatgrass juice fresh... do it every day for a month. I guarentee you results.. its crazy... I cut myself bad, and the scar and wound is healing cuz of the wheatgrass too...



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