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scar progress

I've been on antibiotics for about 6 months now. I just started using Retin-A and duac, night and day respectively, about 2 weeks ago. Im hoping in a few months i will see some improvement but here are some pictures from before and a couple just after starting. sorry for the difference and lighting. and i had to link them because of the size.

3/25 left


3/25 right


4/18 left


4/18 right


anyone have any good luck with retin a? im hoping it will help even my texture out... i plan i getting fraxel re:pair done to deal with all my scars.

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[color="#008080]I didnt see any improvement using duac and believe me I tried it for about a 1 year had to stop it . Hated the extreme dryness and tightning of the skin peeling was the worst having to work around people and peeling not good. :rolleyes: I also used Ziana worked better but still redness and peeling still there . Im just using a blemish treatment lotion i bought online luckyvitamin.com from home health works great non peeling has a anti inflammatory ingredient use it at night redness or blemish goes down bye the next morning . Smell is really nice to from the lavender in it witch hazel and tea tree oil . Sorry I know most people would rather stay with something their drs prescribed but not me my dermatologist is ok with it as long as im happy and comfortable with it . Antibiotics yes im on doxycycline 100 mg twice a day . Only wash my face with cetaphil soap that cleans deep down in the pores without the overdryness leaving irritated skin like other soaps. Good luck with your treatment though hope you clear up :dance:

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your skin doesn't look bad at all. you would benefit from a topical retinoid (tazorac gel is good, it has vit C), weekly GA peels (light ones, you can build up over time--but don't use WITH tazorac) and a lightening cream (Palmer's is cheap and you can get it at most drug stores). Good luck with your progress :)

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thanks for the advice toby and arabianlights. i just had a light peel done today. i didnt realize they just leave it on for the day. im definately going to pick up some lightening cream and see if that cant even my color a bit. ill post pictures again in a week or so to show any progress from the retin-a. btw. i have a ton of scars, its hard to see in the picture but i have several, lots, of rolling and a few ice picks and box scars. mostly concerned with those but i think ill have to wait after a re:pair to see any improvement on those. thanks again for the advice.

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Quick update. Using this thread as a journal for my progess. Only a few weeks in but I think I see a very slight improvement. some red spots are starting to fade. skin is a little softer to touch. scars are becoming even more apparent...

4/27 right side


4/27 left side


4/28 left side under lighting in a school bathroom, harsher.


still a ways to go. First couple weeks i used retin a every other day. im now using it every day as well as duac in the morning. wash face with clean and clear sensitive skin in the morning and night and after applying the topicals i apply cetaphil with SPF 30.

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another update. blah. feeling kinda shitty about my face so i figured id compare...

5.7 left


5.7 right




5.7 rightclose


5.7 leftclose


scarring is driving me crazy...consuming my damn life. really regretting not having gone to a derm like 8 years ago.

i guess slight improvement so far since retin a and duac. only been a couple months so far.

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about 2 weeks since last update.

5/19 right side


5/19 right side close


5/19 left side


i think im going to make an appointment with frank with transitions, if so ill continue to post and show results from that.

in the mean time still giving it time...and trying to get together some money for a few re:pairs...

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bounce bounce

last photo before needling on friday. not expecting anything drastic from the needling, but ive been off retin a and am using duac on as spot treatment. so basically ill see how my skin is doing when i dont use retin-a. still taking doxycycline. cheers.

6/3 left side




6/3 right side



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i didnt like pictures in the previous post. here are some better ones, i think. Tomorrow makin a 2 hr trip for a needling session. so im hoping in 5 days or so i can get back on retin-a. had a derm appointment yesterday. prob lasted about 120 seconds. she basically said im going to start on accutane. kinda sucks, but oh well. so after the needling i wont have a chance to attack my scars for over a year...

editif you compare 4.18 left to today left you can actually see a large difference. i think retin a has done a fantastic job so far and would recommend it to anyone with skin issues.


left side






right side







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sooo. had a needling session with frank at transitions in carmel today. was a decent 2 hour drive. all i can say is that frank was extremely knowledgable and seemed to like what he does. he and, not completely sure, his wife were very nice and personable. frank asked me several times if i had any questions or was curious about any aspect of needling. often just offering valuable information without me even asking, it was definately a beneficial trip. im not going to describe the entire process, but he was clean and sanitary. he was very persistent about asking me of my comfort level. the pain wasnt anything terrible, but it was definately noticeable...

he are the right after pics, im going to get back on retin a and duac in a few days. without any actual results for a few months I can still say im glad i took the trip and i'm hoping for some minimal improvement







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so its been a few days since my needling. ive started back on duac and retin a. ive got a nasty little pupule or whatever, maybe a cyst. i also have several bumps where i was needled. from what ive seen on the boards it appears to be normal and should subside within a few weeks. red is alleviating a bit but it looks like its going to be there for a while... my derm is suggesting accutane and that i start in 2 months. im a little nervous about it doing damage to my face. ive heard alot about it ruining the texture of your skin and ive already had enough damage done to it i dont want to compound it. oh well.


left side




right side




anybody with similar skin issues have positive results with accutane? btw im 24 so i dont know how much my skin can take.

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